TEACHABLE'S 7th Online Summit | MAR. 18 - 25 2019

Teachable’s largest summit ever & next major affiliate launch is here — kicking off March 18th

Promote Teachable's largest event ever: The Women Who Create Summit. Earn 30% recurring commissions & give your audience an educational, transformative experience.

If you've promoted our summits before, then you'll love promoting the biggest online summit we've ever put on: The Women Who Create Summit

What’s The Women Who Create Summit and why should you promote this launch? (Video)

The Women Who Create Summit is a jam-packed, 3-day long virtual summit with 25 expert speakers and 20 live workshops, panels, and on-demand interviews. It’s specifically geared towards helping people earn an income as creators (either full-time or on the side) — especially using online courses. And it is 100% free for your audience to attend.

This free virtual summit celebrates women, and the speakers are all women, but we're absolutely encouraging both men and women to attend. After the summit, anyone you refer will be offered an opportunity to get our special summit bundle from our speakers (worth $3K+) — all for FREE when they buy Teachable. You'll receive 30% commissions.


The numbers you can expect from Teachable's Women Who Create Summit

These large, educational launches are always our most profitable for affiliates — and convert really well. We expect the numbers for this event to match the historical numbers of our other major summits and Teachable LIVE

What will affiliate commissions be?

How it works

Here’s a quick video explaining everything you need to know about how to promote the Summit:

In this video, we'll walk through a high-level overview of how the summit works, what you're audience will experience throughout the summit, the best strategies for promoting the event to your audience, and how to find all of the assets you'll need.


These are the dates you'll want to mark in your calendar...

  • March 18th-25th: Send your audience to opt-in and register for free to the Women Who Create Summit. They will be registered for the summit and receive a welcome introduction, where they see the full schedule and choose which events they'd like to attend..
  • March 26th: Day 1 of Summit - Keynote presentation, panels and workshops available
  • March 27th: Day 2 of Summit - Keynote presentation, panels and workshops available
  • March 28th: Day 3 of Summit - Keynote presentation, panels and workshops available
  • March 29th: Sales window opens
  • April 2nd: Sales window closes at 11:59pm ET
During the Summit

During and after the 3-day summit, your audience will be invited to sign up for Teachable


After the 3-day Women Who Create Summit, your audience will be able to sign up for Teachable's $99 per month plan, and when they do they'll receive FREE access to Teachable's Passion to Profit Pack, which includes $3,000+ in premium training and bonuses, including:

NOTE: We only have two summits per year. This specific offer is unique, and will only be available this one time, and then never again — which is why our summit offers convert so well. It's also for monthly plans, which make this offer accessible to everyone.

All five keynote speakers are giving access to one of their premium courses that normally sell for $200-$500 each.

Over 19,000+ people are enrolled in TeachableU — because it works. It's a proven program, that generates real results for people who are ready to start and grow a course business.

On top of that, the courses that our speakers are including for free are their flagship courses. These are not just "bonuses" added on. These are truly valuable, premium courses that you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars for. These courses are only being included with Teachable this one time, as part of the summit bundle. This offer will never be available again, so your audience will be getting a pretty unique opportunity to join Teachable this time around.

What about swipe copy, graphics and social media assets?

We have all of the promo materials you'll need.

We’re arming you with all of the swipe copy and graphics you need. It’s all plug and play.

The swipe copy provided is being crafted by one of the premier direct-response copywriters in our space.

All of the copy written in our emails, ads and our sales pages will deliver tons of value to your audience, educate your audience — and of course, the copy converts really well too.

Get your swipe copy & graphics

Here's what to do next if you're in

Choose your promotion plan

There are two promotion plans we recommend for most folks — and you should choose one of them:

Promotional Plan #1: The full campaign execution plan (highly recommended)

This is the ideal execution plan for those affiliate partners who are looking to maximize their commissions.

Promotional Plan #2: The "lite" version of the campaign execution plan

The "lite" plan is also a great choice for affiliate partners who want to participate. And involves slightly less promotion.

The promotion plan

The details on each promotion plan

Promotional Plan #1 (Swipe assets for everything)

Promotional Plan #2 (Lite version)

Oh, and we're having an affiliate contest with thousands in prizes!

In addition to your regular commissions, you can win thousands in cash & prizes.

Starting on March 18th (the first day of the promotion), there will be a leaderboard here that's populated and updated in real-time showing you where you stand and which prizes you're on track to win. You can see all of the current prizes below, and more will be added as we get closer to the event. There are dozens of ways to win.

Let's talk about all of the ways you can win prizes

...in addition to your commissions

You can win additional cash prizes (on top of your commissions) by driving the most free registrations to the Women Who Create summit:

More ways to win:

You'll also win bonuses for making sales:

NOTE: We expect 50-100 prize winners for this event. Speakers are not eligible to win the prizes, so you won't have to compete with many of the larger partners. We expect folks with all size audiences to win prizes.

Grab your affiliate links

Go to partners.teachable.com/login and choose the correct campaign, which is labeled: "(New) Women Who Create"

Your affiliate link for this campaign will be in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Have questions or need help? Just send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you asap, typically within 24 hours.