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Kristin Hoppe

| Jul 01, 2016

Here at Teachable, we believe your skills and experiences are valuable. We're an all-in-one solution for online course creation where you can organize your content, handle payments and view analytics while hosting your course on a beautiful interface.

We make it our mission to support you throughout the process and we power you with complete control over your branding, student data and pricing. 

Who We Are


Ashley Hockney is a Content Marketer & Writer at Teachable. She does words and promotion with all the niceness of a midwesterner and experience of a world traveler.


Allison Haag is a Content Marketer & Designer at Teachable. She designs killer visuals, pulling inspiration from her worldwide adventures.


Ankur Nagpal is the Founder of Teachable. He pledges to make you a lot of cash money if you teach online with Teachable.

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Kristin is a writer and content marketer in NYC.