August Product Update: Free Plan & Page Editor Updates

Frances Wong

| Sep 03, 2019

Start getting your sweaters out because autumn is here early!

In New York, we’ve been enjoying a much needed break from the heat and humidity. Along with welcoming the early fall breeze, the Teachable team also welcomed a lot of new hires—16 total since the start of this quarter, and more to come.

Most of our new hires are part of the product and engineering team. You know what that means? Additional grooming, faster updates, and more features.

What’s new at Teachable?

Free Plan Updates

As our community grows, we’re committed to creating value for all Teachable members. We also want to make sensible choices that will make our paid member experience even better. With this in mind, we’ve added a 10 student enrollment limit to the Free plan, while keeping all its features.

This change continues to give our free plan members the flexibility to experiment and validate their online courses, while also giving us the ability to provide our paid members with more technical and dedicated support.

For more information, please check out this FAQ here.

Updates & Other Fixes

  • We made improvements to our payouts system to ensure that the errors some of you encountered in June don’t happen again.
  • We also did some internal housekeeping to remove and archive old Wisita media records tied to deleted schools

Coming up at Teachable…

Here’s our updated product roadmap.


Page Editor

We finished our first round of internal testing, as well as our first round of testing with a few existing users. Thanks to those who volunteered after reading last month’s update—all of your feedback has been extremely helpful. In fact, we’re working on improving the overlapping issues our existing users spotted before we move on to the next round of testing.

Trust us—we wish we could share the new Page Editor with everyone right away, but there are still a few minor details left for our team to iron out. We promise it’s coming sooner than you may think ;)

Additionally, our product and engineering team is working on:

  • Addressing the updates necessary for PSD2 and SCA, so you don’t have to take any action to comply with this legislation for transactions through the Teachable platform. For more information, check out this blog post.
  • Introducing a new way of monetizing your expertise on Teachable! We'll be rolling out a way for you to do more than create and sell online courses. Any guesses? We’ll let you in on the secret early if you’re interested in user testing with us--let us know in the comments!

Got suggestions? Got questions? We’re all ears. Comment below and I’ll respond directly or in the next monthly product updates!

Frances Wong is a Product Marketer at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Frances is an avid sports fan and dedicates her weekends to Manchester United and Georgetown Hoyas games.