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Bundles: Pair coaching and courses together for the ultimate learning experience

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We’re making it easier to sell your products the way you want. With our previous Course Bundle Content feature, you’ve been able to group complementary courses together and offer students an enhanced learning experience. But now with the new Bundles feature, you’ll now be able to sell both courses and coaching together for an even more comprehensive offer.

With the release of coaching last year, Teachable became the ultimate platform for creators like you to expand your offerings. As one of two digital products you can sell on Teachable, coaching is a valuable way to connect with students beyond courses, diversify your product offering, and scale your business. This new Bundle experience is just one more way Teachable is giving you the flexibility to run your business, your way.

Bundle of benefits

As a reminder, bundles are simply groups of multiple courses—and now coaching products—that are sold together as a singular unit at a new price point. Oftentimes, this new bundled price is cheaper than if a student purchases the two courses or coaching services together. 

For example, if you have two courses on Instagram photography that sell for $20 each, you can offer both courses in a bundle that students can purchase for $30. This, naturally, makes the bundle an impactful incentive for students.

But the prospect of a lower price tag isn’t the only incentive for students. The ability to shop for more options that can help them achieve their goals is also a powerful driver for students.

Student view of bundles Student view of bundles
Student view of bundle options on Teachable

And, it’s not just students who benefit from Bundles. Creators see the reward of this experience, too. Bundles are a great revenue-boosting strategy, as they increase your average order value and lead to more revenue for you. 

Perfecting your pair

Two courses paired together has always been a powerful experience. But, with the new Bundles feature, you can encourage students to get even more out of their learning experience via a coaching and course pairing. 

Offering coaching services in a bundle allows you to: 

  • nurture relationships with students
  • validate new course ideas
  • gather feedback or testimonials
  • experiment with cohort-based learning
  • increase the likelihood of student course completion rates
  • and so more

All of which inherently increase the value of your products and services.

Putting it into practice

Adding a Bundle to your product offering is easy on Teachable. Just like for your individual courses, bundled content can be sold for a one-time fee, a subscription plan, or a payment plan.

How to bundle on Teachable How to bundle on Teachable
How to set up your bundle offer

To create a new Bundle:

  1. Click the Bundles tab on the left admin panel of your school. Then, select Create a New Bundle. In the Name field, enter in the name of the bundle and then click Next.
  2. Choose what course(s) and/or coaching service(s) you would like to include in the bundle. You can toggle between the Courses and Coaching tabs, and then select the products to include from the dropdown menu. Once you add a course or coaching service, it will be listed as a thumbnail underneath the My Bundle heading. You can remove a course or coaching service from the bundle by clicking the “X” icon next to that thumbnail.
  3. Select a pricing option for your bundle. You can price the bundle as Free, a One-Time Purchase, a Subscription, or a Payment Plan. Click Next once you complete the pricing details. 
  4. Finalize the bundle details by clicking Save and Continue. The bundle name, pricing, and content can be revisited and edited at any time.

To learn how to edit, manage, and delete your Bundles, view our Knowledge Base article here for a full how-to guide. 

Sales and beyond

We know you want to make sales. But we also know you want to provide maximum value with your content. Bundling allows you to do both.

Test new course ideas, promote your coaching services, kickstart your coaching business, partner beginner and advanced courses together, and offer your students the best learning experience you can—all with bundling. 

Begin your bundling experience today and see how it can impact your business.

Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.