Change Maker: Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed

Ashley Hockney

| Feb 19, 2016

You might have heard about Halley Gray and her "drunk webinars" - it's how we found out about her. But beyond her quippy voice and penchant for gin, Halley is a thriving entrepreneur who has quickly built Evolve and Succeed into a profitable business, stable income and is on her way to world domination.

If you haven't heard of her yet, you will. Here's what she has to say... 

1. Tell us what you do in 2 sentences:  

I teach you what to write, do, and sell to have a five figure launch. Content marketing is like a selling superpower. 

2. At what point did you decide the traditional 9-5 office job wasn’t for you? 

I always knew I wanted my business but what kind of business alluded me. I went into office work knowing it’d be the next step for me flying solo. So I got a good paying office job to fund my business. 

But there was one moment when the printer told me it was an eagle that I knew I should take the leap. 

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3. What did you do next?  

I turned off that printer, took a shot of vodka, and - did what I had been planning to do for 6 months - quit. Taking the leap wasn’t scary. I found launching invigorating and loved the ability to make money STAT. 

4. What was the hardest part? 

Learning how to stabilize my income. There were a lot of HIGH peaks and DEEP troughs. Turns out I hate ramen. 

5. What has been the best part of running your own business (Evolve & Succeed)?  

Being able to take big creative risks (so basically launching). I love the process of coming up with a product idea, creating the marketing around it, pre-selling it, launching it, and analyzing the results. I’m a Big Marketing Nerd. 

6. Why courses and why $397 for CashCopyCourse? 

Because courses are the perfect answer to the tricky situation of ‘I really wanna work with you but I can’t afford your 1:1 prices.’ BOOM! My brain in digital form. All solutions are processes.  

$397 was the perfect price because it teaches people all about how to do lean launching that I used to quadruple my income and continue to use to test my ideas before investing in them. Pricing is a strategy in and of itself. CashCopy Course is my middle tier course so it had to be between $197 and $997. $397 was fair because it can create between 2k-18k in three days (it did for me).  

7. Where did you get the idea for “drunk webinars” and how is that working out? 

I like seeing and interacting with people when they relax and let their guard down. Entrepreneurs love to drink and bond over the alcomahol so BOOM! Drunk Webinars was poured. I love it! Big thought leaders keep asking me to do it. It’s confusing times to be pitched by big wigs. 

Halley Gray of Evolve and Succeed is a content marketing master, business entrepreneur and has popularized

8. You have a degree in language, linguistics and science - do you feel like these degrees have helped you in your career? 

Massively. Marketing is an experiment with messages and words to achieve sales. Language has so much complexity that by shifting a few words you can create gut-punching impact. 

Tip: try changing the name of your course. Small things like that can make selling easier.  

Selling can be easy! For realz.  

9. What content marketing strategy advice to you find yourself giving the most often?  

Be specific. Pick a person to target (someone you know online). Pre-sale before you do any work. Find the easiest way to create profit now. Launch EVERYTHING. 

10. What are you struggling with right now and how are you working to overcome it?  

Making my team run like a perpetual motion machine with the least amount of input from me possible. I may be on crack cuz that sounds like a pipe dream. 

11. What are your plans for the future? 

A course on five figure launching! So freaking exhilarated to get it out there!

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12. What advice would you give to someone starting to generate income independently? 

Listen to your ideal person and read between the lines about what they want (not need). Find the easiest way to make money. Grow your list effectively. Experiment. Test your ideas. Get really good at marketing. Don’t be precious. Drink gin. 

Questions for Halley, questions for us? Ask away. We'll get right back to you in the comment section below.

Ashley Hockney is a Content Marketer & Writer. Her background is in food & beverage PR i.e. she wants to talk to you about single malts.