Join Teachable's Course Creator Challenge

Morgan Timm

| May 07, 2019

There’s something about summer that tends to motivate people: the longer days, better weather, and extra sunshine make you feel like you can take on the world. Or in many cases, take on the task of finally building your online business. 

Every summer we see creators transform from side-hustlers to full-time entrepreneurs, dreamers take action, and regular people like you and me change their lives through launching their online courses. 

And this summer, we want to challenge you to do the same. We’re hosting our Course Creator Challenge and rewarding you for hitting milestones in your online business. 

Whether you’re already a pro course creator or creating courses still feels like a faraway pipe dream, this challenge is for you. 

Anyone who wants to create a profitable online course this summer and gain a great community of like-minded creators in the process is welcome to join. And you won’t be going in this blind; we want every single one of you to succeed, so we’re giving you the tools and education needed to do so. 

And just by signing up for the challenge you hit your first milestone and gain access to the first reward: our private Facebook community of creators. We’re all in this together, and this community is where you’ll go to share your wins, ask your questions, and get support.

From there, we’ve got more milestones you can hit: publishing your first course, making your first dollar, earning your first ten thousand dollars, and grand prize awards to the 4 creators who have the most profitable month and the course creator who makes over $10,000 with the most unique topic.

And what is the grand prize you ask? 

Award winners will be invited to attend Teachable’s Weekend Experience in New York, NY. We’ll fly you into New York City, where you’ll sit down with top-level creators and make invaluable connections that will take your business to the next level. This award covers expenses for travel, lodging, and activities over the weekend. 


Now, I’m sure you have some questions, and we probably have already addressed most of them on our registration page, but let me cover a few here, too: 

How can I join the competition? 

Joining is easy. If you’re already a Teachable customer, you’re in luck! You’re ready to get started, just enter the email associated with your Teachable account on this page. If you haven’t signed up with Teachable, choose a paid plan and then circle back to the registration page and enter the email associated with your account.

This summer we’re expecting to see thousands of creators change their lives and we want you to be one of them. 

When is the challenge taking place?

We’re kicking things off on June 1st, and the challenge ends on September 1st 2019. In order to join this community before the challenge begins, you must join by May 31st, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST (USA).

How is Teachable supporting creators through the challenge?

We want every single one of you to succeed (and know that you can!) so we’re offering a few different avenues of support. 

First is the private community I mentioned earlier. That’s going to be the #1 place to ask questions and get them answered by your peers, to make connections with like-minded creators, and share your successes.

We’re also bringing in a rockstar lineup of seasoned entrepreneurs who have built massively profitable businesses in the past to give you their expert advice. Here are just a few: 


Any questions? Please let us know in the comments! You can also learn more by checking out the registration page

Morgan Timm is a content marketer at Teachable with a background in blogging and social media. She runs Mostly Morgan, a life and style blog that reaches an audience of 40,000 people monthly.