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Top tips to create shareable social content (that converts)

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You’ve probably seen memes floating around, specifically on Instagram. They state that social shares are now the top contender in determining whether your content will perform well. Although Instagram hasn’t confirmed or denied whether this is indeed true, there’s no doubt that posts gain more traction when content is shared by followers and their followers. And if the purpose of your content is to drive users to sign up for your course, this kind of traction can mean more sign-ups. But how can you master creating compelling and shareable social media content?

When we take a look at the extreme of highly shared or “viral content.” It lives on our feeds for weeks, days, and in some cases, months because of the constant sharing.

 Going viral may not be something you can plan for, especially as a small creator. But you can focus on making your social media content compelling and shareable to help it convert into more sales, leads, or simply more followers.

By the numbers

According to, iCrowd Marketing the average lifespan of various social media posts is as follows:

  • Instagram: 48 Hours
  • Twitter: 18 minutes
  • Facebook: 5 hours
  • Pinterest: weeks to months (depends on search queries)

However, when people share your posts, your piece of content gets a better reach and can potentially extend beyond a short lifespan. Creating content is one thing, but creating content that will get shared time and time again is another. This can make a break your content’s ability to convert to new subscribers for your email list or sign-ups for your course.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about improving your social media post’s shareability and creating compelling social media content.

Do your research and ask your audience what they want to see from you

Chances are, if your audience is asking for specific information, they’ll be more likely to engage with content that provides that information. They’ll also be more inclined to share it with their friends and followers who may also find it helpful.

Make sure you stay abreast of what kind of content your audience is engaging with other than your own. Additionally, don’t shy away from features such as the poll features found on popular social media platforms. This includes Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to get this information from followers while boosting your engagement.

Make your content useful

While the ever-evolving algorithms and “consistency is key” lectures may pressure you into posting just because, avoid doing this. When you’re posting on social media to a niche audience, you need to make every post count by ensuring your audience gets value from it. Otherwise, your audience may mark you as spam figuratively. They will slowly but surely stop engaging with your content.

Pro-tip: Don’t be afraid to drop a free gem or two to give your audience insight on something you’re an expert on. Chances are if they find that one free tip helpful, they’d be willing to pay for more of your expertise via an online course or another resource that you have to offer.

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Jump on trending topics so long as it doesn’t come off as clickbait

From popular Instagram Reel sounds to trending hashtags and topics, being in the know should be your top priority as a creator and thought leader. Make sure you know what your audience is talking about and find creative ways to incorporate it into your social media content, even if it’s just repurposing a meme to fit your niche.

Create infographics that are informative but also appealing to the eye

The truth of the matter is that people love learning new things. Score major brownie posts if you’re able to put together information in a way that’s also eye-catching. Infographics may seem very high-school-textbook, but this visual way of consuming data and information really works on social media.

Don’t give up on creating and repurposing video content

Take it from the pros: 92% of marketers say the video is a super important part of their marketing strategy (about 78% more than just five years prior). You can shy away from creating video content as much as you want, but statistics show that people love consuming video content and, of course, they love sharing it across their social media channels, too.

Get personable with your captions

Don’t make your content, especially your captions, feel robotic. If you read our guide to creating fantastic copy for social media posts, you understand how the right words paired with your social posts can make or break how your audience perceives it.

As a creator, making a human connection with your audience won’t only encourage them to engage with your content, but it will also make them feel inclined to share and introduce you (and your content) to other people with similar interests.

Keep your audience inspired

This is somewhat an extension of making a human connection with your followers. Whether you’re sharing a testimony or just some motivation to keep your audience members pushing through all the madness that may be transpiring around them, people love words of encouragement.

Author: Mika Robinson, Mika is a NYC-based lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. When she’s not creating content on her blog, astoldbymika.com, she’s somewhere in the digisphere writing content for your favorite platforms and go-to brands.