Create Interactive Videos For Your Online Course

Randle Browning

| Sep 11, 2017

Vizia is a video tool built by Teachable that makes videos interactive.

Integrate polls, quizzes, and questions to increase engagement (and even collect email addresses).

Last year, our engineering team here at Teachable developed Vizia, a free tool for making videos interactive. The project was part of a hack week (a week devoted to special projects).  

As of September 2017, over 21,000 people have started using Vizia to make their videos more engaging.  


Vizia works by creating interactive moments in your videos where your viewers can engage directly with the content. Here's what you can do when you sign up for Vizia.  

Add quizzes - embed quizzes at specific moments in a video 

Add polls - get feedback during a video 

Add short answer responses - ask an open-ended question during a video 

Gate quiz results to capture email addresses - collect email addresses from viewers  

We built Vizia with Teachable instructors in mind, but it is completely free for anyone to use in any capacity. 

What can Vizia do for online courses? 

Here's are a few ways to use Vizia in your online course business: 

Hold on to your students' attention

Adding periodic quizzes can keep students alert throughout your videos. Try asking quiz questions during video rather than just at the ends of lessons.   

Get feedback on your curriculum

Include polls in videos to learn more about your students and their goals, obstacles, and skill levels. The better you understand your students, the better prepared you'll be to create the content they need and want to pay for. 

Use interactive videos in your marketing

With Vizia, you have the option to show viewers their quiz results only after they've entered their email address. Creating a promotional video with quizzes can help you grow your list before you launch your course.  

You can also add a link to an external landing page in your video, so it's easy for viewers to find any resources mentioned in the video.


Why is a tool like Vizia so important? 

1. Video is the future (and also the present)  

According to Hubspot, "65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated" and over 50% of marketers say video content has the highest return on investment.  

This holds up in data we gathered from our customers. Almost 96% of the most successful online courses on Teachable use video. (Get the full How to Teach Online in 2017 report for more.) 

But the way we consume online video is evolving. On Instagram, viewers can interact with live video streams by asking questions and sharing emojis during a broadcast, for example. 

By using Vizia, you have a chance to get ahead of the curve and create the kind of interactive learning environment your students are used to. 

2. Interactive video helps your students learn 

Our brains not only process visuals faster—they also retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually.  

"Research shows that when video and multimedia are implemented in schools, students are more engaged, teacher performance improves and student-teacher interaction is greater...Since some students are visual learners while others are auditory learners, multimedia enables them to learn in the way they are most comfortable. It also promotes collaboration through blogs, discussion boards and social networks," says HowToLearn.  

By asking questions at key points, you bring attention to important information. You can also use these engagement moments to get insights about your curriculum. Is there a certain point where everyone gets confused? How about a spot where they stop answering quiz questions? Maybe you can spice it up or break it down into multiple videos. 

3. Interactive video looks professional 

One of our goals at Teachable is to make sure you can build a professional, high-quality online course, right out of the box. Vizia's clean look and functionality will further impress your students.  

4. Interactive video can help you grow your list 

Most content upgrades and lead magnets are simple downloadable whitepapers or PDFs. A landing page with a downloadable ebook is tried and true, but Vizia can make you stand out from the crowd. 

One way to grow your list with Vizia is to take a video from your course (or a new one you've created), add interactions, and promote it in online communities.  

Vizias are easily embeded into blogs, sales pages, or other squeeze pages. You can also create a promo video that lives on your course's sales page. 

How to Use Vizia 

To use Vizia, upload a video to YouTube or Wistia (the supported video platforms at this time). Log in to Vizia and add your video link. 


Next, add interactive features:


Try adding a quiz, a poll, an open-ended response question, and a CTA.





You also have the option to require an email address before viewing.


Then preview your video. Here's what your modules will look like.






From there, copy the embed code in Vizia.


Next, paste the code in a text block in your Teachable course:



And don't forget to download your responses!


What are you waiting for?

Create awesome interactive videos in seconds with Vizia.

Tips for Creating Video 

To make sure you're creating high-quality videos to use with Vizia, check out our other posts:  

I can't wait to see what you create and what our brilliant instructors do with Vizia. Link us to your interactive videos in the comment section. I'd also love your feedback!   

For a guide to using Vizia with Teachable, visit our Knowledge Base article: Getting Started With Vizia. If you have any further questions or comments, reach out to  

This post has been updated! It was originally published by Ashley Hockney.