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Creator Month 2021: A thank you to creators everywhere

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When we set out to launch Creator Month, a month-long series devoted to celebrating the work and voices of Teachable creators, we had no clue what was in store. We knew we wanted to pass the mic to our creators for the month, but we never imagined how far out of the ballpark they would go.

The spirit of sharing

In the month, we’ve seen blog posts on every topic, interviews with top earners, videos made from the heart, newsletter features and spotlights, and downloadable content readers can return to over and over. Those on Teachable typically focus on one thing: sharing what they know with students. And this month, they’ve done so much more than that: They’re sharing what they know—with each other.

If you’ve missed any of the amazing pieces shared, you can view them all here. If you’re looking for a specific topic, we’ve broken them down below.


Course tips

The creator mind

Entrepreneurial advice

Social media tricks

Born of passion

From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank each and every single person involved in Creator Month 2021 enough. The vulnerability displayed, the expertise given, and the words of encouragement expressed are precisely why we at Teachable do what we do.

We aim to build a platform that allows creators everywhere, regardless of size or experience, to build a business they love. Passion is at the heart of every entrepreneur, and it’s what drives us to make a better product each day. No more was this creator passion displayed than during this last month of content.

And we can’t wait to do it again next year.

Do you have a story to tell?

We want to hear from you. If you’re a Teachable creator who would like the opportunity to be featured in Creator Month 2022 or collaborate with us in another way, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line below and you’ll be immediately connected to our editor.

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Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.

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