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5 workshops from Teachable creators to attend in March

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re taking every opportunity we can to celebrate women who create, invest, share, and teach.

Throughout March, Discover by Teachable (an independent platform that features a curated collection of some of the best courses on Teachable) will be hosting a series of live, free workshops in partnership with some of the top women creators on Teachable.

discover by teachable schedule discover by teachable schedule
Live workshops all throughout March

Whether you’re looking to see what creators are up to and get inspiration for your own course, pick up a new skill, or simply support fellow women who create, we urge you to take attend one (or all) of these workshops.

List of workshops

View the entire live workshop lineup and more here.

Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Editorial Strategist at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.

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