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Enhanced Twitter analytics, Instagram badges arrive, and more social news

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When it seems like there’s a new social media update or change to the algorithm every other day, it can be difficult to keep up with the whirlwind of information—especially when you’re just trying to stay focused on building your business. We hear you. It’s a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place?

We thought so too. Welcome to The Social Share.

Every week our senior social media strategist, Haleigh Fullilove, will compile all the latest and greatest social media updates from trusted publications and sources that are relevant for entrepreneurs just like you. Come back each week for your social update and stay connected with Haleigh and Teachable at @heyhaleighanne and @teachable on Twitter.

Deeper dives

Updated and enhanced Twitter analytics

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ll be happy to hear this update. Twitter is rolling out enhanced analytics functionality on every Tweet you send.

According to Social Media Today, this update will include “insight on replies, retweets and Likes, as well as more specific data as to where your tweet impressions have come from, and further notes on link clicks and engagements.”

Twitter analytics Twitter analytics
Twitter announces enhanced analytics options

Twitter still has a lot of catching up to do to improve its native reporting functions. However, this is promising news for what’s to come in the future. And at the very least, you now get to have some deeper insight to help shift your Twitter strategy from here on out.

Do no harm

TikTok aims to prevent harmful behavior

We’re in an age where trends can spread like wildfire—some great and fun (dancing and funny sound trends are welcome) and some that are downright dangerous (hoaxes and more are not).

In TikTok’s latest press release, they describe the goals of a months-long study, explaining:

“[We] launched a global project to better understand young people’s engagement with potentially harmful challenges and hoaxes. While not unique to any one platform, the effects and concerns are felt by all – and we wanted to learn how we might develop even more effective responses as we work to better support teens, parents, and educators.”

TikTok's study results TikTok's study results
Courtesy TikTok

What’s more, TikTok said it’s using the findings from the report to “inform a review of our policies and processes, and we’re making a number of improvements to build on our existing safeguards.”

Time to shine

Now just might be your time on Instagram. If you meet the eligibility criteria to enable this new feature, Badges are now available for you to use. Plus, you can get paid for creating Live content.


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This is one of many steps Instagram is taking to reward creators for using certain features (such as compensation for Reels). What do you think about this new update? Will you activate Badges for your profile? Send us a DM on Insta or Tweet us to let us know your thoughts on this addition.

Have thoughts on this week’s edition of The Social Share? Are you curious to use enhanced Twitter analytics? Or perhaps you’re already making use of Instagram Badges. If you ever want to chat, DM Haleigh personally at @heyhaleighanne or @teachable on Twitter to share your opinions.

Author: Haleigh Fullilove, Haleigh is Teachable's senior social media strategist and host of the Everything Is Teachable podcast. When she's not finding new desserts to bake, you can find her exploring NYC for thrift stores and coffee shops, making playlists, and laying in the park with friends.

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