The following is a guest interview from Teachable creator Ryan Health. Ryan is an author, qualified fitness professional, and now course creator. The ex-banker and Jersey native is the founder and owner of Healthy Ever After Health Hub and Train With Ryan Challenge. Read all about how Ryan’s epiphany moment lead him to a career and life change, which eventually lead him to course creation in this piece, as told to Teachable.

Aspiring professional footballer to qualified investment adviser to independent health and well-being guru. It’s safe to say that Ryan Heath’s life and career trajectory has been rather more varied and unorthodox than most. The Jersey-born ex-banker is the founder and owner of Healthy Ever After Health Hub and Train With Ryan Challenge, which focuses on the importance of nutrition, calories and energy intake in maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

“As a kid, I was always told that if you eat everything on your plate then you’ll get big and strong,” Ryan said. “I was a very sporty kid, so I could eat and do whatever I wanted. I didn’t have any need to understand anything else. But then my circumstances changed. I got older, had kids, landed a sedentary office job—and that was when the weight started piling on.”

Epiphany moment

 “I was a real lad and I had football on the brain,” Ryan explained. “I was always really sporty and, back then, one of my dreams was to be a professional football player.”

Upon leaving school, however, Ryan experienced ‘a bit of a shock’ as his planned footballing career failed to materialize. Like Ryan shared, he landed a sedentary office job which he worked in for years. Problems arose, when the company asked him to perform work which he deemed outside his remit—or, as football-loving Ryan put it: “They started moving the goalposts.”

“I was working long weekends and generally working far more hours than I was used to doing,” he said. “It got to the point where, one weekend, I just thought, ‘You know what, I don’t want to do this.'” Ryan added, “It was 8PM on a Sunday, and there I was sitting at my desk in the office on my own. I thought, ‘I’ve had enough of this.’ I decided I was done with the office lifestyle. The very next day I handed in my notice.”

Ryan explain that originally he wanted to go traveling with his partner at the time, but they had kids and never went.

A lightbulb goes off

But one weekend Ryan thought, “I’m in a position now where I can actually go traveling and see a bit of the world and reassess my life.” That’s exactly what he ended up doing.

It was while trekking across the globe that Ryan had what he describes as the ‘lightbulb moment’ that led to him seeking a latter-day career in coaching personal fitness, mental health, and wellbeing.

“I’ve always enjoyed interacting with other people, so during my travels, I decided to go on a few health and wellness fitness retreats, I loved it,” Ryan explained. “I loved the buzz that I got from it, and I thought, ‘I could do this to help others.’ It was an epiphany moment.”

But because he’d been in a sedentary office job for years and learned nothing about nutrition and training, he knew he was in a position to help others who found themselves in similar situations. 

 “I started going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole trying to find stuff out and to educate myself about what was what,” he said.

Determined to understand ‘the basics and principles’, Ryan spent months conducting in-depth research online, a process which he admits was often frustrating and resulted in a minefield of unreliable and often contradictory information.

 “Nothing really changed until I put skin in the game,” he said. “I invested in my health, paid for a coach and further education. I’ve spent years researching and thousands on exams.”

Mission to share

Thanks to Ryan’s epiphany moment and decision to make serious change in his life helped him solidify his goal of helping others. “I know exactly how you feel,” he markets to students. “I’m human just like you and I’ve been there myself!”

Today, Ryan’s mission is to share his knowledge so you don’t have to face the same struggles as he did. He wants to help make a positive difference to clients’ lives both mentally and physically in a way that is easy for them to understand and implement—without all the confusing BS.

The tendency for people to compare themselves to others is, of course, particularly common within the world of health and fitness and it is a trait which Ryan works hard to combat, both in himself and for others. With his online business, he hopes to help students have their own epiphany moments and make changes in their lives.

Health before wealth

With a mission to help guiding him, Ryan is setting out to help real people change their lives and meet their goals. “People start out with good intentions and fail,” he said. “The thing they’ve never really had is the knowledge or accountability to help them follow through. Knowledge saves time—accountability helps get results,” he added. 

That’s why Ryan took to Teachable to help him reach the right clients who need the accountability to achiever their goals.

I’m not the most academic nor I am very tech savvy and after lots of research and spending thousands on using different platforms, I came across one of the best teachable platforms, yes, you guessed right…Teachable!” Ryan said.

“The support has been phenomenal and I would not have been able to have managed to create all the amazing challenges and courses without Teachable,” he added. “I’m forever grateful to Teachable for helping make a dream become a reality so I can help change more peoples lives’ online.

Today, he hosts a free Train With Ryan 10-Day Challenge on Teachable complete with bonus recipes, training tracker, and top tips.

More servings to come

And this is only the beginning. Ryan has more up his sleeves in the month to come.

“I am super excited to announce I am in the process of working on VIP monthly membership focusing on nutrition, mindset, and physical health and wellbeing!” he shared. This will allow him to deliver more life-changing content to more people all while helping him achieve his dream to help others.

Watch the HEA Health Hub space for more healthful servings and to learn more from Ryan.