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February 2022 product updates: Efficiently customizing your school

february product update february product update

February might be a short month but that didn’t stop us from working on new product updates for our customers. We’re constantly working to make Teachable more valuable to users by working on updates. In February we focused on making small but effective changes to help you more efficiently take control of your school and what you offer your students. 

February product updates

In just 28 days in February, we got several product updates out the door. All with the goal of making sure our customers have the best product possible at their disposal. 

Integrations experience

In order to make integrations a little more user-friendly we updated the user interface on the “integrations” page. Now everything is more visually consistent, so the app icons you’re used to seeing should look the same within Teachable.

Now when you go into “settings” and then “integrations” you can see each individual integration and its guide for setting it up and connecting it with Teachable. For further information on each integration, you can see the details of it in the Knowledge Base. All of these integrations are meant to help you use Teachable as best as possible and get the most out of it.

Increased product limit for bundles

If you’ve got a lot of products, you probably already know that you can add up to 50 products to one bundle. Now you can add up to 100 of your products, coaching, and courses to one bundle to share with your students. When a student buys one of these bundles, they’re automatically enrolled in and offered the products.

To learn more about bundles and how to set them up for your students, check out our blog post that explains everything there is to know about bundles.

Video Player for Page Editor 2.0

Another update we made was to the video player on page Editor 2.0. We updated the video player, a change that you might not have noticed but is benefiting your school. Now when you upload a new video, you’ll experience the new video player. It won’t look much different for your students, but they will experience more informative processing. Uploading your videos and setting the thumbnails will be about the same for you as a creator as well.

Coupons for PayPal

Everyone loves a good coupon, especially when they can use one when signing up for a course. If you use BackOffice or a custom PayPal payment gateway, your students can pay for your courses using PayPal. With this latest update, your students can pay with PayPal and use a coupon code while purchasing a recurring payment option, like subscriptions. With this update, they can apply a coupon to every time they make a purchase. 

Making the most of updates

For more information about any of the updates above be sure to check out the Teachable Knowledge Base. There you can find anything you need to know about these updates or any other aspect of how to use Teachable. Keep an eye out for further updates coming next month!

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