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One creator’s journey lead others to find love online through courses

end of year creator feature Wendy Scott end of year creator feature Wendy Scott

To highlight creator success, Teachable caught up with three creators to learn why it’s all worth the work for them. We’ve already introduced you to Christine Roebuck and Tricia Parido. Now get ready to meet Wendy Scott, a creator on a mission to help others find love online.

Navigating love—and online

Finding love can be hard. But, Wendy Scott is looking to make it a bit easier through a course on Teachable. Her course will help those seeking love navigate the often choppy waters of dating and find love online.

While Wendy’s still in the building stage, she’s aiming for a course launch in early 2022—maybe even in time for Valentine’s Day. Now, Wendy’s obviously got some advice for those looking to date. However, after using Teachable for a month or so, she’s now also got advice for those looking to start teaching online.

Personal beginnings

Her background in corporate learning and development gave her the foundation for creating a course on Teachable. She wasn’t quite sure where to start when choosing a topic for her course. But, she eventually ended up sticking to something she knows.

“What I’ve picked was meeting someone online, because I actually did it myself in my 50s. And I thought more that might be quite good for other people who are in their 50s, or after they’ve had a marriage breakup, to know that yes, you can actually do it,” Wendy said.

That training and corporate experience helped her figure out how to break down the information she wanted to share. “I’m finding Teachable is quite an easy platform to use. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s not massive,” she said.

“See what happens”

One thing she’s found helpful and would recommend? Creating practice content. “I just record something and I upload it and see what happens and what it looks like,” she said. Because her course hasn’t launched, she feels especially comfortable playing around with her school without being concerned about whether anyone else might see it.

The ability to create, change, and adjust is one of the aspects of Teachable Wendy has really learned to utilize. Some creators feel the need to create a course in one go, but Wendy sees it as something that takes time. This allows for tinkering and making changes whenever necessary. “You learn as you go, and adapt as you go. So I’m quite happy with that process, that I don’t have to just sit down and go, ‘Boom,’ it’s all finished. It’s a work in progress until it isn’t,” she said.

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She even plans to do a pre-sale of her course for friends or those in a singles Facebook community she started. That way, she can get feedback from those who have similar dating experiences before she makes her course available to the public. An early or limited pre-sale means Wendy can get that valuable feedback, make any adjustments, and even score testimonials before fully launching.

Rewarding work

Writing all of her lessons down has been one of the most rewarding parts of creating her school, Wendy said. Everything she’s learned down in one place gives her a sense of accomplishment. “There’s quite a lot of knowledge that I can pass on to people to give them a better grounding if they are starting off,” she said.

Creatively in control

Sharing everything she’s learned with others to help them find love online isn’t the only thing that she’s found to be rewarding. But, what really makes it all worth the work for Wendy? “Doing something that I’m in complete control of,” she said.

Creating a space where she’s in the driver’s seat and has complete creative authority over what she creates is one of the things she’s enjoyed most. “Firstly, I can share my knowledge with people. And secondly, it’s something that I can actually do and I’m in control of,” she said.

Wendy’s course hasn’t launched yet. And yet, she has a pretty clear goal for those who take it. “They’ll understand how to effectively date, they’re not going to waste time on going out and meeting people who they’re never going to end up with,” she said. For Wendy helping others find love online and knowing she’s helped to set her students up for success in the online dating world is what drives her work.

Author: Nina Godlewski, Nina is a Content Marketing Strategist at Teachable. She has a passion for taking complex topics and making them accessible for any reader. Previously she's written for Lending Tree, Fundera, Newsweek, and Business Insider.

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