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Ep. 5: Full-time blogging (with Lauren McManus of Create and Go)

lauren mcmanus lauren mcmanus

When Lauren and her business partner Alex Nerney first started blogging, they quickly realized that their initial product wasn’t selling because, well, no one wanted it. They hadn’t figured out who their customers were yet, and for the first six months, they didn’t earn a dime. In this episode, Lauren shares how they turned things around in their second attempt. They discovered the best way to drive traffic to their blog and learned that their customers weren’t who they expected. By 2019, they’ve grown their online business into two blogs—Avocadu & Create and Go. In combination, they earns six figures a month while Lauren travels the world.

Today’s guest: Lauren McManus, Create and Go

lauren mcmanus lauren mcmanus

“It’s so important to tell your story and to be a part of your content and what you teach, but you have to be so open to the fact that you could be teaching people who are nothing like you.”

Lauren McManus is a former CPA turned blogger, and she and her business partner Alex Nerney run two successful blogs together. Their first blog, Avocadu, is a health and wellness blog that teaches women how to lose weight. After earning six figures with that blog in their first year, they started Create and Go, where they teach others how to start and monetize their own blogs.

What is Create and Go?

Create and Go is a platform that teaches you how to build an online business that can support you, retire you, and enable you to live the life that you desire.

Where to find Lauren

Website: createandgo.com
Courses: courses.createandgo.com
YouTube: youtube.com/c/createandgo

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