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Host a community on Teachable with

host community on teachable circle integration host community on teachable circle integration

Online courses have grown beyond just having self-paced curriculums. They’re a proven way to generate income, develop a brand, and build a business in whatever industry you’re in. As the creator economy grows, the same common questions keep coming up: “How do I engage with my audience? And, how do I foster relationships among my students?” To better serve and grow with you, we are excited to introduce our new integration with, a modern community platform for creators. You can now offer a community experience to your audience with Teachable. Here’s how to host your community on Teachable with our integration.

Community with

We want to give you more than just a discussion forum. offers a simple and intuitive community platform, designed to foster engagement and build relationships. platform platform community platform

You can create a free community to build a brand and generate new leads with In addition, you can create community space specifically for your cohort-based course to drive course discussions and accountability. Whatever your community strategy, you can do it with on Teachable.

With our new integration, you can:

  • Create a free or paid stand alone community

  • Create a community that connects to your courses

  • Launch a membership that includes monthly access to your courses, coaching, and community

  • Use Teachable as an Oauth provider and allow your students to create and login to your community account with their Teachable credentials

  • Invite students directly, share invite links, and provide links to direct threads to control content visibility

Courses, expanded

By creating a community, you can get to know your audience better, find out how to improve your courses, and learn which direction to expand your offerings. Investing in an engaged community can encourage course progression and support your students’ learning.

Let’s dive deeper into what this integration looks like for you and your courses.

Community experience

With, you can create up to 20 spaces on their Basic plan with Teachable’s partnership deal. Each space can be open for any community member to join or you can make it invite-only. The spaces can be grouped together to help your members navigate your community. Community Community
A look inside with a community hosted on

Let’s take’s community, for example. On the left navigation column, you see all the spaces that are available, organized with different groups. Community is the first group header and everything below that from Start Here to Conversations are all different spaces a community member can join.

But, your community can look the way you want it to. In each space, you can customize how your posts are laid out depending on what type of content you expect to see:

Different community layouts on

You can also customize different types of member actions, default sort of posts, and member notifications. With these features, you can build the community you want that best complements your Teachable courses.

Third party integration, first party experience

In addition to wanting a better community solution, another big issue many creators have is dealing with student login issues and workflows. It’s not the best community experience to exclude students who don’t have a Facebook account or require them to create logins to multiple platforms. That’s why we knew it was essential to design a third party integration that feels like a first party experience. And, that’s precisely what you can do when hosting your community on Teachable with our integration.

To invite your audience or students to your community, you can send them an invite link that’s auto-generated from your account.

Teachable + Integration

With the integration enabled, they’ll see the above screen on the invite link and must choose to Continue with Teachable. Any existing students enrolled in your courses will be able to log in with their Teachable credentials. Any new leads will be able to create an account to your Teachable site, so you can add them to your community and capture their contact information. One log in, one seamless experience.

Cohort-based, memberships

With the community feature at your fingertips, it expands the different types of courses you can build and offer your students on Teachable. Cohort-based courses and memberships are amongst the most popular course types in the last year. While we’ve seen creators like Tiago Forte and Ann K. Emery already do so on Teachable, this new integration makes it easier for others to do the same.

Cohort-based courses are exactly as they sound: You run online courses with specific cohorts of students, one at a time. In addition, there are self-paced curriculum, live workshops, and a community for student engagement—all of which you can now set up with Teachable and

Memberships are recurring subscriptions to a library of content your students can always get access to. Many of our creators have created huge memberships on Teachable by offering all their products a la carte or at a discounted membership rate for full access. Now, you can add on community access to allow your members to interact with each other and engage with other content you have.

Affordable and scalable

We partnered with because they focus solely on building the best community platform so you can offer the community experience your students deserve. This integration gives you the best of both worlds—the best-in-class for courses and coaching and the top platform for community.

All Teachable members on a paid plan have access to enable the integration with any plan on Because we know the creator tool stack can add up, we partnered with to give you additional perks and discounts.

Teachable customers get additional perks on’s Basic plan, which starts at $39/month, including:

  • An additional 1,000 members (total 2,000 members)
  • An additional admin account (total 2 admin accounts)
  • An additional moderator account (total 1 moderator account)
  • An additional 10 spaces (total 20 spaces)

Need more than that? Teachable customers get a 20% discount on the higher plans, Professional and Enterprise. Here’s where you can get the discounts and more information about each plan.

Build a course, expand with a community

Building an engaging and positive community isn’t easy, but the payout is well worth the effort. In fact, a 2020 study showed that on average online communities see a 4,350% in return on investment (ROI). This return comes from positive impact on a brand, customer loyalty, and lower support costs.

Creators like Pat Flynn, Tiago Forte, and Graham Nicholls have already found success in migrating their Facebook groups to their communities hosted on We can’t wait to see how you create and grow yours.

Author: Frances Wong, Frances Wong is a Product Marketer at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Frances is an avid sports fan and dedicates her weekends to Manchester United and Georgetown Hoyas games.

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