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Are these 4 things holding you back from being a successful entrepreneur?

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No matter where you are in your course journey, even if it’s taking the first action steps to creating your business, it’s imperative to keep a watchful eye on your mindset to course correct any limiting beliefs as you notice them. You may be unknowingly holding yourself back.

Read on to discover where your own blindspots may lie when starting your own successful online course.

1. Your only motivation is money

Of course money is a big motivating factor especially when creating your online course, and you absolutely deserve to be paid for your knowledge. However, notice if money is the only reason for your creative endeavors. If so, that’s OK. Simply recognize that it may also be time to assess other motivations for launching your products and services too.

Money as the only driving force means that you may face burn out, feel unfulfilled, or feel like you’re forcing your work from time to time. If you find that money is your main motivator, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on what you’re passionate about and what you have to offer that could improve and bring joy to others—especially with their own online learning journey.

True and lasting success comes from the intersection between “What do I have to offer that can help people?” and “What lights me up?”

When you find the genuine inspiration that comes from a place of passion and service, the money will flow naturally, and you’ll feel wholly satisfied in your endeavors.

2. You doubt your success

Not to be confused with low self esteem, self doubt can sabotage your success as an entrepreneur. Self esteem falls on a spectrum and reflects the degree to which you have a decent opinion of yourself without delusions of grandeur. You can have high self esteem and still experience intense self doubt. Self doubt is about questioning yourself or your decisions but not necessarily your innate abilities.

One telltale sign that you’re doubting your success is frequently using the word “hope.” Hoping that your launch is successful, hoping that you’ll meet your business goals. Instead of hoping, you can switch to a knowing. Knowing that your success is inevitable means having faith in yourself, and if you’re operating from a place of passion and service, then it’s only a matter of persistence and aligned action until you see success.

An effective way to transition from hoping to knowing is through the use of affirmations. Say them in the present tense as if they’re already done, even if you haven’t begun. Affirmations repeated over time will help to rewire your brain to believe what you’re saying and will increase your motivation and creativity to make your goals happen.

Try affirmations like:
  • “My success is inevitable”
  • “Achievement comes naturally to me”
  • “My business is a huge success,”

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3. You’re too focused on the perfect strategy and marketing techniques

All too often, entrepreneurs focus solely on implementing the best strategy and marketing techniques that go along with starting an online business. While these aspects are indeed important and we have plenty of resources to help you master everything from email marketing to social media to finding your target audience, they won’t go far if there’s a limiting mindset behind them.

That’s because the inner work around perceptions, motivations, and emotions has a huge impact on your business performance. When you understand how your brain is wired and your patterns of thinking, you can shift them to work in your favor.

Turn to others

A quick and potent way to do this inner work is through relying on peers in your network or community, hiring a business coach, seeking out a mentor, or even turning to a therapist. Investing in these doesn’t mean anything is wrong. They’re actually an investment of time and money into building your business.

When you up level your habits, perspectives, and behaviors, the results spread to every aspect of your life—relationships, health, and especially your business. Having a network to guide you results in faster and more extensive outcomes, and it means the time spent learning about strategy and how to be an effective business owner will go much further in the long run.

4. You believe things need to unfold precisely in order to be successful

As you set goals and intentions for your business, it’s common to fall into the trap of being attached to a certain outcome. Your brain knows what it wants and can likely see a path to this desired outcome. Setbacks and challenges occur when unexpected events pop up, and it’s when this happens that it can be tempting to give up, or perhaps get stuck in frustration.

The truth is, we don’t have control over what happens externally. Thankfully, you have complete control over the internal—your beliefs, mindset, and perception—and that starts with observation. Notice how you react when unexpected setbacks occur. You can either try to fight them or flow with them.

Author: Nicole Quintana-Wolf, Nicole is a former public school teacher turned Teacher Wellness Coach and entrepreneur. Catch her on Instagram @wellnesswith_mswolf for live meditations, tips to master your mindset, and more.