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Should you use TikTok to promote your business?

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If you’re remotely active on social media, you know that TikTok is dominating right now. Take a look at these statistics from Influencer Marketing Hub to see just how powerful it is and how to promote your business on TikTok.

  • Is the highest social media engagement per post (over Instagram and Facebook)
  • Has 800 million active users worldwide
  • Users spend more than 500 minutes in-app per month

As we’ve mentioned before, quality is always better than quantity when it comes to social media, and you don’t need to be on every single platform to be successful. But, the beautiful thing about social media is that it’s the perfect place for you to experiment and try new things. TikTok is the place to do this (and you don’t have to do silly little dances to be popular, either).

Not to mention—the algorithm. It’s why so many people have gone viral with little to no followers. The great aspect of TikTok’s algorithm is that it functions as a ranking system—everyone (yes, everyone) gets a chance to be featured on the coveted For You Page (it’s your main feed when you open the app). You can also go live on Tiktok and if your video performs well for the small audience your video is shown to (thanks to the power of utilizing popular sounds and hashtags), the algorithm will push your video to more people, leading to a boost in views and engagement. And, hopefully, new customers for your business.

Are you ready to learn more? In this article, we’ll talk about different ways you can use this bustling and creative social media platform to increase your brand awareness and reach new audiences—all while having some fun. Here’s how to promote your business on TikTok:

Show off your craft

TikTok is the place to bring your passions to life Sure, Instagram is known as the visual social media platform, but TikTok has created a vibrant space for creators of all kinds to really show off their niches—and audiences respond in droves.

So, how can you really show off your craft and what makes your knowledge so special by using TikTok?

One of the best ways to do this is by creating process videos. If you work with your hands (Think art, woodwork, fashion, jewelry-making, etc.), this is your time to shine. The best part is you can film something simple with nothing but your cellphone and a phone prop, whether it be a stack of books or an adjustable arm that holds your phone above you for those great aerial shots.

Take Nino of Fashion Premier Academy, for example. He set up his camera to film a quick time-lapse video and closed it out by promoting his online course. Simple, fun, and engaging.


Fashion Designing Online Courses: fashion-premier-academy.teachable.com #onlineclass #fashion #fashiondesign #onlinefashion

♬ original sound – Nino Via

This process video of Lionna Hotta’s painting video drives people to check out her course on swirl painting.


https://lionahotta.teachable.com/p/swirl-swoosh-it/ #mandala #swirls #swoosh #painting #artcourse

♬ original sound – lionahotta

Give business and life advice

If you have a lot of knowledge about the creator economy and entrepreneurship in general, here’s a great way on how to promote your business on TikTok. Talk about tips to be successful with online courses, give marketing advice, and more can help show off your expertise in a fresh way while reaching the right audience for your services.

Jeremy Deighan’s simple list-format video on tools to outline an online course is fun to watch and straight to the point. Here are some list-format ideas that you can adopt for your own channel:

  • Three proven steps to a successful course launch
  • My top 10 favorite tech tools
  • Four ways to grow your coaching client base

5 Tools to Help You Outline an Online Course #entrepreneur #onlinebusiness #onlinebusinesstips #marketing #marketingtips #onlinecourses #udemy

♬ Beggin – User

Or, how about Joe Parys’s inspirational, inside look at his life before online courses? You can do the same with your own personal anecdotes about your career journey. No story is too big or small to share.


You all need to create an online course ASAP 💻 #sidehustle #success #fyp #foryou #millionaire #mindset #money #wealth #onlinebusiness #onlinecourses

♬ –

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From socials to sales

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Connect with your audience

Talk directly to your audience. Be vulnerable to share stories about yourself. Let your audience ask you questions, and answer them.

Regardless of which platform you’re utilizing, one thing remains the same: the connection that you have with your audience is essential to your success on social media.

Here’s Cheryl Porter Diva speaking directly to her audience about her vocal training course. By letting her personality show, she’s giving prospective students an inside look into who their instructor will be, and what they can expect to learn from her.


Check out the online course #vocalcoach

♬ original sound – Cheryl Porter | Vocal Coach

Here are the folks at Online Bonsai taking a moment to answer their audience’s questions from their comments. Doing this not only continues to spark their interest in what their course has to offer but it also further promotes them as the expert of their trade.


Check our crash course at https://onlinebonsai.teachable.com #bonsai #bonsaitree #adenium

♬ original sound – Jerome at The Bonsai Supply

So, have we convinced you to take TikTok for a spin yet? Regardless of the outcome, it’s definitely a platform to explore and see how your audience responds—or even attract a new audience.

Author: Haleigh Fullilove, Haleigh is Teachable's senior social media strategist and host of the Everything Is Teachable podcast. When she's not finding new desserts to bake, you can find her exploring NYC for thrift stores and coffee shops, making playlists, and laying in the park with friends.