When it seems like there’s a new social media update or change to the algorithm every other day, it can be difficult to keep up with the whirlwind of information—especially when you’re just trying to stay focused on building your business. We hear you. It’s a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place?

We thought so too. Welcome to The Social Share.

Every week our senior social media strategist, Haleigh Fullilove, will compile all the latest and greatest social media updates from trusted publications and sources that are relevant for entrepreneurs just like you. Come back each week for your social update and stay connected with Haleigh and Teachable at @heyhaleighanne and @teachable on Twitter.

Instagram live shopping on Valentine’s Day 

In a push to showcase the app’s dynamic live shopping features, Instagram recently debuted a Valentine’s Day-themed live shopping event with various influencers and brands. 

And, this is just one of many examples of social media platforms evolving their e-commerce experiences. TikTok has also been making major moves to disrupt the traditional influencer marketing model too. They’ve done so by cutting out the middle man between creators and brands with their Creator Marketplace.

Twitter tells all with their latest content report

What do users want to see on Twitter? In a recent report, Twitter connected with over 2,000 users to get clear on what they really want to see from brands on the app. TLDR: Don’t be desperate. See the full report here.

YouTube focuses on live-streaming

If you’ve been considering showing up on YouTube more often this year, this could be your time—especially if you go live. What’s more, YouTube’s Chief Product Office recently shared his top areas of focus for the new year. This includes areas of the creator economy that seem the most promising. (If you feel uneasy about video in general, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.)

How well do you know Gen Z?

In a recent report from Adweek, the brand shared details about the TikTok and meme-obsessed generation known as Gen Z. From the type of customer experience they’re looking to have to how they prefer to pay for things online, this report will help you make sure your online business is Zoomer friendly. Check it out here.

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