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Instagram time limits, YouTube removes the dislike button, and more social news

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When it seems like there’s a new social media update or change to the algorithm every other day, it can be difficult to keep up with the whirlwind of information—especially when you’re just trying to stay focused on building your business. We hear you. It’s a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place?

We thought so too. Welcome to The Social Share.

Every week our senior social media strategist, Haleigh Fullilove, will compile all the latest and greatest social media updates from trusted publications and sources that are relevant for entrepreneurs just like you. Come back each week for your social update and stay connected with Haleigh and Teachable at @heyhaleighanne and @teachable on Twitter.

Being mindful with Meta

Instagram time limits

We think we can all agree this feature is a much-needed one: Instagram is currently testing a new “Take a Break” feature that encourages users to step away from the app with a time frame of their choosing.

Here’s what the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has to say about the latest update:


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For all the Apple users out there, this feature probably sounds pretty similar. Those using Apple products have the same option to set time limits for certain apps in the Settings. Do you think you’ll use this to take more breaks from Instagram? Let us know your thoughts about an Instagram time limit, and tag us on Twitter @teachable so we can chat about it.

Making changes to Facebook

Facebook takes action against sensitive topics and gives us insight into popular content.

In more Meta news, Social Media Today gave us the update that Facebook is removing tons of ad targeting options that may contribute to problematic conversations, issues, and causes.

Here’s what Facebook has to say about the upcoming change:

“Starting January 19, 2022, we will remove Detailed Targeting options that relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive, such as options referencing causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Facebook has a long way to go to attempt to repair what the whistleblower, Frances Haugen, exposed last month. But, any action taken against discrimination is a necessary one.

And delivering insight

On a bit of a lighter note, if you’re curious to know what kinds of content are currently performing the best on Facebook, you can access a full report all about it.

In this detailed report, Facebook analyzed posts across the entire platform to see what kind of content outshined its competition in Q3. You can see the full report here.

Denying dislikes

YouTube disabled its dislike button. And, there are lots of mixed emotions. In a pretty major move from YouTube, the dislike button has now been disabled from all videos on the platform. Now, the dislike button is still there. But, the number of dislikes a video has will be private.

YouTube removes the dislike button

The motivating factor? Stopping dislike brigades in their tracks and combating harassment. What’s a dislike brigade, you ask? YouTube’s Creator Liaison Matt Koval explains:

“Groups of viewers are targeting a video’s dislike button to drive up the count, turning it into something like a game with a visible scoreboard, and it’s usually just because they don’t like the creator or what they stand for. That’s a big problem when half of YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice.”

Of course, this isn’t a great thing for creators on the platform to deal with. So naturally, it’s a seemingly a good move by YouTube. But, on the other hand, people aren’t exactly happy with the decision, noting this move promotes more censorship.

Marques Brownlee's tweet

Have something to say about Instagram time limits? Feel passionate about Facebook? Dislike the dislike button? Hit us up on Twitter at @teachable.

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Author: Haleigh Fullilove, Haleigh is Teachable's senior social media strategist and host of the Everything Is Teachable podcast. When she's not finding new desserts to bake, you can find her exploring NYC for thrift stores and coffee shops, making playlists, and laying in the park with friends.

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