Introducing myTeachable: A New Way to Access Teachable Schools

Ankur Nagpal

| Nov 07, 2016

Since Teachable was founded in 2014, the way user accounts operated was that every single time you signed up for a new Teachable school, you had to create a brand new account.   

Even if you owned five different schools, you were required to have five different accounts -- even if they all had the same email address! 

What’s more, say you also happened to be an affiliate on two other Teachable-powered schools, maybe you even took a course as a student on another -- that is now 8 (EIGHT!) unique Teachable accounts that you owned in the system. Eight accounts that did not relate to each other at all. 

As you can imagine, this sometimes led to confusion for users. Plus, this setup led to some illogical workarounds for us. And if we wanted to build cool cross-school features in the future, like being able to copy courses between multiple schools you owned or having a unified billing profile, we had no way of doing that since each account was completely separate. 

With all of this in mind, we began the arduous and unglamorous journey of entirely retooling how accounts work. And today, we’re excited to announce the first version of myTeachable accounts, which allows a single Teachable account to be associated with multiple Teachable schools. 


Starting Thursday, November 10, 2016 we’re rolling out a new feature for Teachable school owners: myTeachable. myTeachable instructor accounts allow you to access all your Teachable schools from one central location. In the coming weeks, we will be allowing select schools to enable myTeachable for students, authors and affiliates, who will be able to access your courses with one click from their dashboard. This remains completely optional. Looking ahead, a host of other features will be released on myTeachable.  

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We will begin sending out emails to school owners on Thursday, November 10, 2016 asking to confirm your email address.


After you confirm your email, we will automatically convert your account into a myTeachable account. After that, you will be able to access all the schools you own in a beautiful, centralized dashboard on


I get it. The word “convert” may sound a little scary. However, nothing really changes for you as the school owner. You’ll still have the same login and password. And if you have multiple schools with the same email, they will all be combined in the same dashboard.  

Not a single thing changes except your account is now capable of creating more schools with the same login information -- and you have a new snazzy dashboard on  

Moreover, nothing will change for your students.  

The Coming Weeks 

In the coming weeks, select schools who have agreed to be beta testers will introduce myTeachable accounts as a login method for their students, affiliates, and authors. This will start with our very own Academy -- meaning that if you are a student on our Academy, soon you can also access it with one click from myTeachable.   

As a school owner, you will eventually have the option to enable myTeachable on your school, which means your students, authors and affiliates will be able to access your courses with one click from their myTeachable dashboard. 

Why enable myTeachable for your students? 

Simply put, it makes it much easier for users to decide to take your course. Imagine having someone land on your school, and instead of having to create a brand new account and enter their credit card details to buy your course, they can enroll in one click because they already bought a course on a myTeachable-enabled school.


Conversion rates will skyrocket. All the while solving one of the biggest frustrations students have right now: having to create separate accounts to take courses from multiple Teachable schools. 

At the same time, if you are happy with how accounts work right now, you can choose not to enable myTeachable on your school. If you do this, nothing will change with how things work on your school -- the sign-up experience your students go through will remain the same. 

So, in summary: if you choose not to enable myTeachable accounts on your school, nothing at all will change for your students. 

And if you enable myTeachable accounts on your school, none of our founding principles will change.   

  • We will continue to give you full ownership of your students’ email addresses and data.  
  • We will never sell other instructors’ courses on your website.  
  • Students will continue accessing your courses on your domain name, with your unique branding.    

For the student, the only change is that authentication for them is now easier. 

After the Teachable Academy, myTeachable will be rolled out on a few handpicked schools. Following that, we’ll start making myTeachable available in batches based on plan. If you have a course launch coming up and would like to take advantage of myTeachable sooner rather than later, comment on this blog post and provide a link to your school and the reason it’s important for you to have early access. 

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This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

The Future 

The power of what we can accomplish with myTeachable is incredible. 

Here’s a handful of features we have been thinking about incorporating with the unified identity that myTeachable provides:   

  • A new help center that will offer faster and more reliable customer service support, thanks to a clearer understanding of identity (ETA: November 2016) 
  • Consistent credit card information across different schools -- if someone enters a credit card on one school, all schools in the myTeachable network will have single-click checkout (ETA: December 2016) 
  • Free iPhone application that’ll allow students to consume courses they have purchased from you on the go if you have myTeachable accounts enabled. (ETA: January 2017) 
  • Better and more powerful tools to enable schools with myTeachable accounts to cross-promote each other. (ETA: Unknown) 
  • Ways of offering more distribution to instructors from the traffic that lands on our homepage and our website (ETA: late Spring 2017)  

Here’s what we will not be incorporating on myTeachable accounts:  

  • A centralized marketplace on for people to take ALL Teachable courses (ETA: Never) 
  • A system of distributing your courses on or any website that is not your domain or brand (the iPhone app is an exception and purely opt-in) (ETA: Never) 
  • Information collection from the audience you have worked hard to acquire, creating lists and cross-selling them competitors’ courses (ETA: Never)  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) I like things the way they were. What is changing here?  

As an instructor, once you verify your email by clicking the link, your account automatically becomes a myTeachable account.  

Nothing substantial changes -- you can still log in with the same email and password, except now if you want to create another school, you don’t need a brand new account. 

When we roll out the ability to enable it as a login method on your school, you have the choice of whether or not to enable it for authors, affiliates, and students. Again, if you choose to not enable it, nothing will change for your students. 

2) Must I convert my instructor account to a myTeachable account? 


It’s already done for you upon email confirmation, but as stated above, nothing at all changes for your students or anyone else on your school.  

Your account is just more powerful if you ever want to use it to create another school -- or to sign up as a student or become an author or affiliate on another school that has myTeachable enabled. 

Plus, we will soon be introducing a new help center that is only accessible with a myTeachable account, from inside the myTeachable dashboard.  

3) Can I enable a myTeachable account for my students? 


We are rolling myTeachable out slowly to ensure we do it right. We are starting by enabling it for all students on our Academy in mid-November (ETA: November 11, 2016) and then a few handpicked schools in the subsequent weeks.  

If early access is meaningful for you, leave a comment in the comments section of this post letting us know why and providing a URL to your Teachable school. 

4) What are the advantages of enabling myTeachable accounts for my students? 

One of the most frequent user experience problems students contact us about is the frustration of having to create multiple accounts to access multiple Teachable courses. Additionally, password manager tools (e.g. 1password) do not recognize the login pages of different schools having different credentials, making them incompatible.   

Schools with myTeachable accounts enabled solve this problem for students entirely. 

Additionally, with over 2 million students on Teachable (and growing by almost 10,000 per day!), enabling myTeachable accounts for students will mean higher conversion rates for you as an owner, since students can now hit a single button to sign up for your school if they already have a myTeachable account. 

5) Will I be forced to enable myTeachable accounts on my school? 


It’s entirely your decision. However, for your owner account, it is automatic and mandatory since the new myTeachable dashboard is where we are building a new help center and other account management tools. 

6) Do you have a timeline for when I can enable myTeachable accounts for my students? 

If everything goes according to plan, within 4-8 weeks.  

7) Is Teachable becoming a marketplace? 


We have no plans to sell your courses on or anywhere that is not your website with your brand and domain. We also have no plans to restrict ownership over your student data or control over how you price your course(s) or anything along those lines. 

First and foremost it is our mission to empower instructors teaching on our platform. We believe that having the ability to access student data, design your school website as you desire, and have control over the learning experience is intrinsic to that.  

At the same time, we are thinking about ways we can reduce friction to encourage more people to buy courses, and how you as a course creator can benefit from the almost 10,000 students every single day who sign up for a Teachable-powered course for the first time. 

8) Can you share more information about the iPhone application? 

The initial version is going to be simple and pretty.  

It’s going to be branded as “Teachable” since it isn’t feasible to build 10k+ applications for each individual school that is powered by Teachable :)


Participation is going to be entirely optional. But if you choose to participate, students enrolled in your courses can enjoy your content on their iPhone -- and eventually, their iPad. 

It is important to note that you must have myTeachable enabled to have your school available on the iOS app.  

And while it may not be available in the first version, we eventually hope to build features such as offline access to make your courses even more accessible to your students. 

9) Any plans for an Android application?  

Not at the moment. We want to first see how the iPhone application does and then make the call. 

Teachable's Massive Course Creation Resource Bundle

This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

We’re excited for the future with myTeachable 

The launch of myTeachable is an exciting first step in our vision to bring school owners new opportunities and product advancements to help you succeed and thrive. We can’t wait for you to see your new account and all the features still to come: the new help center that will improve our customer support, the iOS application where students can consume course content on the go, the ability for a user to manage their school, affiliate, and author accounts from a central location, and more, as we continue exploring all the potential that myTeachable has to offer.   

Again, leave a comment below if you’d like to be one of the beta testers for the myTeachable schoolwide experience.

Ankur Nagpal is the founder of Teachable, who pledges to make you a lot of cash money if you teach online with