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July 2021 product update: Improving the creator experience and offerings

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July brought a number of product updates focused around you, the creator. Improving the creator experience with Teachable is always at the top of mind, but these most recent improvements are specifically designed to give you a better experience using Teachable, expand your offerings to your students, and keep your business running smoothly. Keep reading to see all the July 2021 product updates from Teachable.

You’re in the driver’s seat

The more say you have over your business and what you offer, the better you can serve your students and coaching clients. We get that. So we’re making changes to help give you total control.

Improved navigation and admin experience within the Site

As your trusted business partner, we listened when you said you needed clarity and control over the “site” area of your admin, namely navigation for your Pages. You can now manage your sitewide pages, themes, and navigation all within the same space. This will allow for simpler navigation and easier edits on your end.

july product update of your pages teachable july product update of your pages teachable
Toggle between School pages and Product pages

You will now see your Product pages next to your School pages. This way, you can easily toggle between the two and make changes seamlessly. In addition, we’ve added more functionality, like the option to duplicate Site pages. Want to learn more? Read up on managing your Pages here, modifying your school’s Theme here, and personalizing your Navigation here.

july product update pages teachable july product update pages teachable
Pages customization

Beyond Pages improvements, we’ve updated additional site pages, so you can run your business your way. We’ve made improvements to our Custom Text editor, Code Snippets, Navigation, and Themes, which you can read more about utilizing in our Knowledge Base articles, respectively. 

Upsell and bundle your way

We know you’ve been loving our upsell options, order bumps, and Bundling features. And so we’re not slowing down. We’ve recently made an update to the Lecture Upsell block. 

Now you can offer a Bundle using the Lecture Upsell block in addition to the previously available courses and coaching options. This gives you even more flexibility and control over what products you offer your students and how you offer them.

upsell block teachable upsell block teachable

Up your students’ experiences

If there’s something we know creators care about just as much as their businesses, it’s their student bases. The following improvements are all about helping you provide the best offerings you can for your students.

Build trust and security with PayPal Recurring Payments

We listened when you (and your students) spoke up about wanting more PayPal capabilities. That’s why we launched PayPal Recurring Payments

With PayPal Recurring Payments, creators utilizing Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway with BackOffice and PayPal enabled will now be able to offer PayPal as a payment option on monthly recurring payments, namely subscriptions or payment plans. 

Having the option of PayPal Recurring Payments for monthly subscriptions or payment plans will allow both creators and students flexibility and control. And it will deliver a deeper sense of security to both parties. 

Thanks to PayPal’s trusted name, students feel secure with their purchase and will be able to unlock PayPal’s own benefits, such as updating payment methods, requesting a refund, cancelling subscriptions, and more. And creators who hesitated to offer recurring payment options or subscriptions because PayPal wasn’t available for those particular pricing options before can rest assured those days are gone.

paypal paypal

To start offering PayPal Recurring Payments, utilize Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway, our native payment gateways, and enable BackOffice and PayPal. Read more about the feature in its entirety here. 

As always, these July 2021 product updates are just the beginning. We’ll be releasing more updates and improvements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels to stay on top of the latest Teachable news.

Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.