July Product Update: Mobile Pay on Teachable

Frances Wong

| Aug 05, 2019

What do you do in the middle of a blackout during a hot and humid summer in New York?

While those few hours were truly inconvenient, the blackout showed us genuine moments of support, collaboration and kindness. Some volunteered to guide traffic at intersections, and some enjoyed the Hadestown cast’s performance out on the streets. Thankfully, no one from the Teachable team was stuck on the subway, and we were all able to get home to enjoy AC on full blast while binging on Netflix.

Let’s hope there are no more electricity blackouts this summer.

What’s new at Teachable?

Apple Pay® & Google Pay™

Apple Pay & Google Pay is now available on all Teachable users on Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway. This new feature offers additional payment options to your students, especially making the mobile checkout process smoother and faster.

Did you know over 50% of Teachable course purchases happen on mobile? We’re excited to see how this can improve the student checkout experience on your Teachable school and boost your conversion rates.

If you already have Teachable Payments or Monthly Payment Gateway set up, mobile payment is already enabled for you. On custom gateway payments? Find out why you should make the switch to our gateways.

For more information about our mobile pay feature, please check out our blog post!

Updates & Other Fixes

  • We’ve made security improvements that protect against cross-site scripting in comment image attachment URLS.
  • We’ve received reports that several schools are unable to duplicate their course within their schools despite getting success message within admin. We are working on an adin fix for this action now.

Coming up at Teachable…

Here’s our updated product roadmap.

Teachable's Product Roadmap

Page Editor

We’ve been teasing the new page editor for some time now, and are excited to start sharing some new updates!

In this upcoming month, we will be transitioning to our internal testing and QA phase. Additionally, we will also be recruiting users to test the new page editor, so we can smooth out any leftover bugs and find out what the best onboarding process for new users will be. If you’re interested in testing our new page editor, please comment below and let us know!

Additionally, our product and engineering team is also working on:

  • Making improvements to our mass payouts systems to ensure the errors that some of you encountered last month doesn't happen ever again.
  • Fixing our user credentials for primary school owners who are able to login with new and old passwords.
  • Addressing the necessary updates for PSD2 and SCA, so you don’t have to take any action to comply with this legislation for transactions through the Teachable platform. For more information, check out this blog post.

Got suggestions? Got questions? We’re all ears. Comment below and I’ll respond directly or in the next monthly product updates!

Frances Wong is a Product Marketer at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Frances is an avid sports fan and dedicates her weekends to Manchester United and Georgetown Hoyas games.