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June 2022 product update: View reports on student cohorts

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Creating courses with cohorts of students is an essential part of building and creating a course business. Cohort-based courses that deliver course materials to a set group of students all at the same time. There are many reasons you’d want to use a cohort-based course. They help build community, motivate students to complete the course, and give you more opportunity to control the timeline or interact directly with students.

Using cohorts on Teachable

When Teachable lacked easy ways to organize users into groups, we frequently saw creators relying on workarounds to try and create a cohort-style experience. We also saw a need for creators to view data on course engagement for specific cohorts to provide to other stakeholders or find better ways to engage specific groups. 

The solution was to start building out user tagging functionality. In April we released user tagging that allowed you to create custom keyword filters to help organize users into groups and apply bulk actions to those groups. Now, on Teachable you can take user tagging features to the next level and view course reports specific to a user segment. With user tagging, creators can more effectively build cohort-based courses, communicate to cohorts of students, and view reporting data specific to a group of students.

User tagging

Managing groups of students in cohorts and viewing how they engage with your courses is easier than ever. Over the last month Teachable made updates to our user tagging feature to give creators even more options for managing tags and viewing reports on specific groups of students. 

Now with Teachable’s new user tagging feature set you can:

  • Organize your students into groups with custom keyword tags
  • Save time managing users with bulk actions
  • Filter course reports for specific student groups
  • Pass tags through webhooks and Zapier
  • View tags in a user export CSV

Ready to get started setting up your user tags? Read 3 reasons to organize students into groups in your courses or check out the Knowledge Base

Limit product access duration on payment plans

Previously only available when creating free or one-time payment pricing, now you can create limited access duration when making a payment plan. With this update creators have more opportunities to offer time limited courses with multiple payments. Find out more on the Knowledge Base.

More updates

  • Improved and enhancements to the lecture editor and player
  • Added options for group coaching, Q&A, and community in the Help menu of your school

Make the most of updates

For more information about any of the updates above be sure to check out the Teachable Knowledge Base. There you can find anything you need to know about these updates or any other aspect of how to use Teachable. Keep an eye out for further updates coming next month!