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June 2021 product update: Order bump improvements

teachable order bumps teachable order bumps

Summer is well underway and with that comes the notorious summer slump many businesses and brands fear. But don’t think we’re letting sweltering temps and that age-old fear keep us from working hard. We spent all of June making updates and improvements that will keep your business rolling full steam ahead throughout the summer and beyond. Take a peek at the product updates from Teachable for June 2021.

Order bumps: ever upward

When we released the order bumps feature in May, Teachable creators were quick to adopt the new selling feature. (Currently more than 1,000 schools have adopted the feature, grossing more than $250,000.) Not only did we launch this feature because want to help creators increase average order value with order bumps, but we know how important it is for creators to have more content options and ways to implement marketing strategies.

Beyond the initial launch of order bumps, we upgraded the feature to include several new updates this June:

Availability of unpublished one-time purchases

Creators now have the opportunity to sell unpublished one-time purchases. These options will now appear in the dropdown section to add as a bump. We noticed creators craved a way to make order bumps more exclusive and “special.” Having this ability to offer content that is unpublished elsewhere and not available to sell outside of this order bump only adds to the highly exclusive allure of your order bump.

Configure a subscription pricing plan

Creators can now configure a subscription pricing plan as an order bump. We heard you when you said you wanted more options for your order bumps.

Addition of basic revenue metrics for order bumps

teachable offer type teachable offer type

You can now log into the Creator’s sales dashboard and review basic revenue metrics for your order bump sales. Easily tell what you’ve made today and this past month in terms of order bumps. We understand how important metrics are for creators, so this just a first step we’re taking to help you understand your sales—and students—better.

Other improvements in June’s product update

  • Addition of Offers column: We also added a new column in the Sales Transactions table called Offers within your dashboard. This column specifically lists out which transactions are order bumps and upsells so you can get more granular with your sales data. We’ve also added this info to the downloadable CSV too.
edit order bumps teachable edit order bumps teachable
  • Improved ability to edit: Lastly, we made it easier to edit your created order bumps (say, if you have a typo).

Checkout: simplified

We a few improvements to the Checkout experience based upon creator feedback for a simplified experience.

  • How we show VAT on Order Summary on Checkout: VAT will now be itemized (aka not inclusive) in the Order Summary portion on the Student side of Checkout. The price is still VAT inclusive on the Sales page and in the disclosure above the Buy now button on Checkout, but we’ve gone ahead and itemized VAT so that your students have full visibility into VAT pricing.
teachable VAT teachable VAT
  • VAT ID collection positioning: We’ve changed where collect VAT ID on the Student Checkout side. We have moved this field to the address section underneath Business name from the Order summary based on feedback from creators.
order summary order summary

And this is only the beginning of more big updates and features coming this summer at Teachable. Coming up:

  • Coaching video player update: We’re upgrading our video player to give creators enhanced piracy protection and new features like Notes.
  • Paypal Recurring Payments: Creators will be able to offer their payment (subscription or payment plan) products via PayPal. Students will be able to use PayPal to set up their subscriptions and utilize PayPal to manage their payments.

Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.

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