By now you’ve noticed a little change at Teachable: We’ve given our blog a major update. Introducing: Teachable’s blog relaunch.

This update comes almost a year after our rebrand, which brought an elevated and more modern feel to Teachable as well as a refined mission. And today marks the next step in our commitment to becoming the ultimate resource for creators.

Serving the creator

We understand that being a small business owner, a creator, and an entrepreneur doesn’t just stop with one sale. There are a multitude of concerns you may have, with new questions popping up everyday. That’s where we come in. We had a vision to create an online destination for creators just like you to turn to for all of those important questions. And with that, we bring you the new Teachable blog.

A companion for every journey

First off, we designed the Teachable blog to be a resource throughout every aspect of your creating, selling, and marketing journey. The beauty about being a creator is that you have a skill set that’s totally unique to you. But, if budgeting simply isn’t in your wheelhouse or you’re still scratching your head at how to best utilize Pinterest, the Teachable blog can step in with some guidance.

Secondly, we designed the blog to cover topics relevant to every type of creator—no matter if you’re looking to make your first sale or your 101st. As you and your business grow, your questions and needs change. But, we assure you: You’ll still find content relevant to whatever stage you may find yourself in, over on the blog.

Your tour awaits

To help you find just what you’re looking for—and to know what you can expect from us going forward, we’ll break down each of the new categories you can find on the Teachable blog.

You can find each of these categories on the top navigation menu. From there, you’ll be able to access each category and the subsequent subcategories within. You’ll also now be able to search for desired topics, browse video and gallery articles, and read articles from your favorite authors.

Explore each category in depth, below.


We believe money talk shouldn’t be off limits. Especially when it’s your money on the line.

Here, you will find in-depth articles from top experts in the financial fields. We’ll cover pricing your course and getting you the most money for your skills, dealing with taxes and payments to make your life a little less stressful, budgeting (and yeah, tips to actually sticking to that budget), growing your team when the time is right, and so much more.


Not everyone has a studio at the ready. And not everyone has the budget for a professional videographer and gear. And that’s OK.

We’ll be covering topics that spark all kinds of creativity and dive deep into the tools you can use to help see those good ideas through. We know that Teachable creators crave tips for DIY home video and equipment and software, but the high prices and lingo that go with them can be barriers. We’ll break down those barriers so you can channel your most creative self, shop confidently for the gear you really need, set up your perfect work space—and do so on your own terms.


When setting out to relaunch our blog, we knew we needed to include topics that pertain to the creator holistically.

With our new Mindset vertical, you’ll find inspiring creator success stories, tips for being your most productive self, explorations of topics about mental health as they relate to the entrepreneurial mind, and so much more. You may be a creator, but you’re a person first. We get that.


We understand that for many, even the term marketing sounds intimidating. But we’ll let you in on a secret: You don’t have to be a marketing pro to master an Instagram sales funnel. That’s where our Marketing category comes in.

Here, we’re tackling all aspects of marketing. We’ll be sharing strategies from industry pros, in-house experts, and real creators to help you master selling your own product. From learning the best email subject lines to understanding how to network on Clubhouse, we’re taking on all the big topics in an authentic way that you can implement ASAP.


As always, we’re brining you the latest product updates and news from Teachable. Turn here for any new releases and updates, best practices for the Teachable platform, and insights and case studies.

Plus, we’ll be sharing general industry news as it relates to creators and small business owners, so you’re alway in the know and up to date with the entrepreneurial space.

We consider the launch of our updated blog a significant one. It signals our dedication to supporting creators. To the current creators of Teachable and the future ones, we cannot wait for what’s to come.

Most importantly, we cannot wait to help you share what you know.

– The Teachable team