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Ep. 20: Passive income (with Pat Flynn of SPI Media & Smart Passive Income Podcast)

pat flynn pat flynn

Although Pat Flynn has now created a massive community of online business owners, his own entrepreneur story started when he got laid off from his dream job as an architect. And in this episode, not only will we learn how Pat built and evolved his business SPI Media over the last 12 years, but he’ll also share advice on how you can benefit from his experience.

In fact Pat shares why he held back on publishing his first online course for four years, even though people were asking him for courses. He shares marketing strategies that anyone can use to build trust with your audience and create sustainable business growth.

But more than anything, we talk about the value of serving, not just selling, and how you can choose a truly amazing online business idea that makes a difference.

Today’s guest: Pat Flynn, SPI Media & Smart Passive Income Podcast

pat flynn pat flynn

“People want to learn from people who are just like them, and when you show up, you don’t have to be the expert. You just have to know a little bit more than somebody else.”

Pat Flynn is a father, husband, and entrepreneur who lives and works in San Diego, CA. He owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 60 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. He is also an advisor to ConvertKit, LeadPages, and other companies in the digital marketing arena.

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