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Fall product update: Creator-driven improvements

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With Black Friday two weeks out, chances are you’re heads down in sell mode. As always, we’re here to support you and the goals you have set for your business. Whether that’s our best tips for selling on Black Friday or our latest product features and updates, we’re here to make your life a little easier. To see exactly how we’re doing that, take a look at the latest product updates, improvements, and upgrades we rolled out this fall in our September and October product update.

Comments and uploads made easy

In speaking with creators, we learned that you wanted more context on where comments are coming from, the ability to respond faster, and a better way to sort and organize comments.

Lecture comments

We know you don’t want any fuss when it comes to communication with your students. So to make comments easier to find and reply to, we’ve updated our Lecture Comment Notification emails. This will include the user’s name, course name, lecture title, and direct link to the comment to allow you to respond to urgent messages faster.

teachable comment reply teachable comment reply
Comment reply

Comments admin

But we’re not stopping there with our September and October product updates and improvemets. We know how important the comments experience is, so that’s why we’re improving it all around.

We’ve updated the way course comments are organized. Comment cards have been redesigned for clarity and replies to comments are now threaded for better context. You’ll also see additional details to provide context around the comments your students leave. These include course name and tags to identify both new comments and comments left by you, the instructor. You’ll also be able to understand the context of the thread within the Admin UI. 

teachable comments admin teachable comments admin
Site comments

By improving this experience, admins can save time on having to search for context and instead spend time responding to comments that need their attention the most.

Easier editing

For creators on the Business plan and up, the design of the Power Editor in your school’s admin has changed. This visual change does not impact functionality of the Power Editor tool or existing code within your school’s admin, but we hope it will be a little more seamless for you so you can get back to creating with ease.

Uploading files in Page Editor 2.0

We’re updating the tool we use for uploading files for Page Editor 2.0. This upload tool already exists in other places including coaching and it allows a number of file types. You’ll notice some visual differences, as well as improved functionality for uploading images, video, and pdfs. 

teachable image upload tool teachable image upload tool
Image upload

This uploader no longer supports the search of stock web images. Instead we recommend using something like Pexels or Unsplash (max size of image remains 2GB) to supplement your images.

Selling made simple

When it comes to selling, we want you to be in control. What you offer and how you offer it is entirely up to you. That’s why we’ve tackled the following.

Order bumps

We know how impactful order bumps can be for creators. Now, you can now choose payment plans as an order bump option at checkout. Note that order bumps must follow the same cadence as the main product pricing option (i.e. a monthly payment plan order bump is only available on a main product that is also priced as a monthly payment plan). 

What’s more, we’ve expanded how you can offer order bumps: They’re now available for coaching and bundle products. You can create order bumps to display at checkout on your coaching or bundle products just as you can with course products. 

Your products, your way. 

School coupons

To continue that mission, we’ve expanded our school coupon feature based on creator feedback. You can now offer discounts for all products within your Teachable school, including coaching and bundles.

Create a coupon from product type Create a coupon from product type
Coupons on Teachable

This means, you have more control over how you discount your products. With our latest school coupon product update, you can now expand your coupon offerings to include bundles and coaching. In addition to offering individual coupons, creators can now create coupons that apply to all products or a specific type of product, such as all bundles or all courses. What’s more, we changed the look and feel of our admin for a smoother backend experience.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Teachable creators can now accept recurring payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Make sure your students feel safe and secure at checkout with these two easily recognizable payment options. Best part, there’s nothing to do on your end. To use, students must simply enable Google Pay or Apple Pay on their devices. It’s really that simple. 

With this payment addition, we’re proud to say those creators using Teachable Payment Gateway and Monthly Payment Gateway can now offer a full range of payment options including: credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal if BackOffice is enabled.

Affiliate link generator

Previously, the affiliate link generator was only available to affiliates within the affiliate dashboard. But now school owners can now generate affiliate links from directly within their school admin using the Affiliate Link Generator.

teachable affiliate link generator teachable affiliate link generator
Affiliate link generator

This feature allows you to create affiliate links for pages other than your school homepage—such as specific course sales pages or external landing pages. To use, go to  Admin > Users > ‘Individual User’ > Affiliate.

And these September and October product updates are just the beginning of what we have in store for you this fall. Stay tuned for more from our team. We’re always looking to hear from you so drop us a note in teachable:hq or on social.

Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.