September Product Update: New Page Editor

Frances Wong

| Oct 07, 2019

Every year around this time, Teachable hosts a 3-day virtual summit to provide aspiring creators content with information on how to bring their dreams into reality.

This year we had over 35,000 people join us for Teachable LIVE 2019. Over 3 days, we had 13 sessions, and 27 speakers who all shared their personal experiences, actionable recommendations, and strategies that helped them succeed.

We can’t wait to see the online courses our Teachable LIVE attendees are working on—maybe we’ll even see them as a speaker next year!

What’s new at Teachable?

Page Editor Release

Our new page editor is now available for all new schools created after September 18th, 2019. Based on the user research and the feedback we’ve collected, we’ve completely redesigned the page creation experience on Teachable.

The new page editor now has a live preview so you can build and edit your content with everything in front of you. In addition, we’ve added an auto-save function, so you can rest easy knowing that all your changes will be saved as a draft.

For all our new features and updates, please check out our blog post!

We will be rolling out this new page editor to existing Teachable members over the next few months, along with additional new content building blocks and features for the new page editor.


On September 14th, 2019, requirements for authenticating online payments went into effect in Europe as part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). One of the new requirements of PSD2 is known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Teachable partners with Stripe for credit card processing and has implemented their updates to comply with the PSD2 legislation. Similarly, PayPal has also already implemented its own SCA checkout flow. This additional authentication is automatically available for all Teachable schools—there is no action required.

For more information about PSD2 & SCA on Teachable, please check out this blog post. 

Coming up at Teachable…

Here’s our updated product roadmap:


Page Editor: Migration

Now that we’ve released the first version of the new page editor to new members, we’re working hard on a migration plan for our existing members! We’ll be sunsetting the legacy page editor sometime in 2020, and we want to do it in a way that doesn’t cause any additional work.

Plus, we’re still working on additional content building blocks for the new page editor, including:

  • Multiple Button Actions: Adding functionality to our current button so they can lead to an external URL, jump to check to curriculum, direct to checkout or upsell another course.
  • Video Block: Dedicated video block for you to add videos to your homepage or sales page in the new page editor
  • Grid Block: Give you the option of adding 2-4 columns of image and text to your site or course page
  • Bundled Courses Block: Add your bundled courses to a sales page to promote
  • Featured Courses Block: Add to your featured courses to your homepage to promote


Thank you to everyone who put in their guesses and volunteered to user test our new feature. We’re so excited to share that we are also introducing a new way of monetizing your expertise on Teachable—services!

We’ve spoken to many of our creators that already sell services—like one-on-one coaching—as a premium offering that complements their online courses. Based on our research, we’re currently building an easy way for creators to sell their service as an add-on to their online course offerings, so all their products can be in one place. We’re still conducting user tests, so if you currently offer services and are interested in user testing, please comment below with your school URL!

Additionally, our product and engineering team is working on:

  • Allowing members to duplicate sections and lectures within a course—a popular feature request from our users
  • Ability to save custom student filters in Users > Students UI

Got suggestions? Got questions? We’re all ears. Comment below and I’ll respond directly or in the next monthly product updates!

Frances Wong is a Product Marketer at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Frances is an avid sports fan and dedicates her weekends to Manchester United and Georgetown Hoyas games.