Single-Page Checkout is Here: Convert More Students

Laurence Bradford

| Aug 31, 2017

This year, we committed to making Teachable’s ecommerce the best in the online course space. (In fact, I copied that verbatim from our product team’s goals for the quarter.)   

We want to design Teachable to help you get higher conversion rates, earn more revenue, and enroll more students. 

That's why we released single-page checkout, officially live in all Teachable courses.

single_page_checkout (1).png

With this release, we can say with confidence:  

If you’re on Teachable, you’re taking advantage of the best ecommerce any online course platform has to offer. 

Single-page checkout is a big deal, and we’ve been working on it for months. The new system is simple and streamlined. Here’s what it means for your students. 

To purchase your course, all your students need to do is:  

  • Click the “Enroll” button on your course sales page 
  • Enter payment and email address on ONE checkout page 
  • Complete purchase  

To make it even simpler, if a student has ever purchased another course in your school, their previously stored credit card will be recognized and preloaded.

GIF 2.gif

With a saved credit card, students don’t need to go through the hassle of digging up their payment information before clicking “Enroll in Course.” This conversion boost can also trickle into thank you page upsells, where students will be able to purchase another product with just one click. 

Together, these changes will make it substantially easier for students to sign up for your course, and can have a major impact on your sales.

Exactly what’s included in the single-page checkout release 

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s included in this release:  

1. Single-page checkout

Payment information and contact information are collected on the same page  

2. Account creation NOT required before purchase  

Account information is only required after the sale is complete, and only if they don’t already have an account with the school or a myTeachable login.

GIF 1.gif

Teachable can also detect if a student already has an account, and offers instructions for forgotten passwords.

SPC_account_login (2).png

3. Stored credit cards for some users 

If a student has already purchased another course in your school, their previous credit card will be recognized and preloaded. (They will have the option to use another card if they want to.)

4. All purchase information visible on checkout page 

Students will be able to see the total price of the product on the checkout page. VAT tax will also be applied and visible on the checkout page. 

These features are available to all Teachable instructors on all plans.  

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Why is single-page checkout incredible news for instructors? 

Mandatory, upfront account creation might be costing you 

In the past, potential students had to create an account before entering payment information. But multiple checkout steps can cause friction and create opportunities for your customers to get confused or rethink the purchase.  

In fact, a recent study on cart abandonment found that 35% of people said being required to create an account before an online checkout prevented them from purchasing. (Baymard

Eliminating the account creation step in our checkout flow (and in some cases, moving it after the sale) has major implications for your course sales. 

Imagine if 35% more people purchased your course, just because you didn’t ask them to create a username and password up front? 

Too many checkout steps can hurt your revenue 

Further, 27% of people said that “a long/complicated checkout process” kept them from purchasing. Even though forms with only 7–8 fields performed better, the average online checkout flow in the U.S. has an average of almost 15 fields.  

By plugging this leaky bucket, ecommerce sites have the potential to improve conversions by over 35%. 

Teachable’s single-page checkout gives you the opportunity to take advantage of that potential. On other course platforms, you have to pay for an external checkout solution to implement single-page checkout.  

We’re committed to making Teachable the single best solution for your entire course business.  

What our beta testers think of single-page checkout 

Our beta testers are already excited about single-page checkout. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

"Omg! I have been waiting for it [single-page checkout]!" - Magda Castaneda,

"Many of our students are less technologically savvy. It would be fantastic to have everything on one page to make the flow seem more cohesive when it comes to enrolling in our courses." - Renae Harvey, 

"The faster to finish, the less abandoned transactions. ;-) It's a no brainer. :-D." - Ann Castro,  

And here’s how Ann Castro’s checkout page looks right now (pretty professional, right?):


Ready to start your own course using Teachable? Get a free account to build your course.

Single-Page Checkout in Action 

Let’s take a look at how single-page checkout works in an actual course, Ice Cream Making for Beginners. To purchase the course, students click “Enroll” on the course sales page.

After entering a valid email address and their payment info, they will be able to purchase the course.


And they’re done. You’ve made a sale! 

People with an existing myTeachable account, or another account in the same school, won’t even need to create an account after completing their purchase. 

(New users will be prompted to set up their account information after they’ve made the purchase and the checkout flow is complete.)


After the new student inputs the rest of their info and clicks the Create Account button, they will be taken to the thank you page, as usual. 

How you can take advantage of the most powerful ecommerce solution for online courses 

This release makes Teachable’s checkout functionality the most robust in the online course platform space. 

Here’s how to make maximum use of single-page checkout: 

Single-page checkout is already enabled 

You don’t have to do a thing to activate single-page checkout. It’s already enabled in every Teachable school.  

1. Log into your Teachable school. 

2. Select a Course from the admin sidebar, or click View All and then find the course. 

3. Click Checkout Page in the course’s submenu. This brings you to the checkout page editor for that course.


4. Click View Page on the page header.


5. Click Copy course checkout page URL. This will automatically copy the URL of your live checkout page to your clipboard. 

6. Open an incognito (or "private") window in your web browser. Another option is to use any browser where you are not logged into this school. 

7. Paste the checkout page URL into the new window's address bar, and go to the pasted URL.  

Or follow the steps in the Teachable Knowledge Base here: Viewing Your Checkout Page 

Customize your checkout page to build trust and make more sales 

To make the most of the new single-page checkout, customize your checkout page sidebar and thank you page. 

On your checkout page sidebar, make sure to:  

Add testimonials 

One common concern that prevents someone from purchasing is a fear that they won’t actually like the product or find it useful. Testimonials are invaluable because they provide “social proof” that others have made the purchase and are satisfied. 

Including testimonials can increase conversion rates by 34% and up to 50%, and they can be especially compelling when placed in a checkout flow, just before purchase.    

Add bullet points 

When setting up your checkout flow, including extra copy on the final checkout page gives you an opportunity to reassert your value proposition. Adding bullet points of benefit-driven copy, for example, allows you to do that in a visually compelling way.    

Add a money-back guarantee 

Adding a money-back guarantee to a checkout flow is ideal for removing nervousness around the purchase. When you promise that a sale isn’t final, the customer doesn’t need to think so hard before they buy. 


For more detail on how to customize your checkout page, read the original product release for checkout page customization, or visit a how-to guide in the Knowledge Base

Add an upsell to earn more per customer 

To increase your revenue per customer, offer them another product immediately after checkout by adding an upsell button to the Thank You page at the end of your checkout flow. 

Your students only need to make 1 click to purchase your upsell, since their credit card info is saved from their recent checkout.  

Add a custom upsell option to your checkout thank you page.  

Research shows that upsells and cross-sells account for 10–30% of eCommerce revenue. That means you can drastically increase your revenue just by making your product available at a certain moment in the checkout process. 

Most marketing is focused on increasing qualified leads at the top of the funnel, but post-purchase upselling allows you to optimize the bottom of the purchase funnel, where purchase intent is the highest and there is low conversion friction. According to the book Marketing Metrics, "The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5–20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60–70%" (via GrooveHQ). 

In other words, it’s much easier to make a compelling offer to someone who recently signed up for your course than to someone who just joined your list.    

Promote your upsell with a video 

The copy on your Thank You page is important, but a brief visual can be more enticing. Show students what they’re missing with a quick course preview video.

For more detail on how to add an upsell, read the original product release for 1-click upsells or visit the step-by-step Knowledge Base article to learn where to find this feature in your dashboard. 

How to set it up 

To take full advantage of Teachable’s ecommerce functionality, check out these how-tos in our Knowledge Base:  

What’s coming next 

This year, we launched 3 major ecommerce updates:  

  1. Customizable checkout pages 
  2. 1-Click upsells 
  3. Single-page checkout  

These features make Teachable’s ecommerce the best choice in the online course space for conversion-optimization, but we’re not finished yet. 

Next up: stored credit card info for all myTeachable accounts. 

The product team is building out the ability to remember and pre-load credit card information from any myTeachable account.  

If you have myTeachable enabled and a student has already purchased another course on a myTeachable-enabled school, they can buy your course with a single click. 

What does that mean for you?  

Nearly 1 million students use Teachable and over 100,000 have saved credit cards. It will be easier than ever for those students—who have already shown interest in online courses—to enroll in your course. 

Read previous ecommerce product releases here:  

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.