As a creator, you probably started your business to share your passion with others in a way that allows you more flexibility and freedom in your daily life. Launching courses and coaching can be stressful as an independent business owner. You’re only one person. And, student enrollment problems such as too many students in a course or coaching experience could be more than you’re ready for. If you have too many students, you may have to cancel enrollments, refund customers, or your student experiences could suffer with so many students to engage and keep up with regularly.

Finding student enrollment solutions

Without tools to help you limit student enrollment in a course or coaching product, we know some creators have turned to refunding students when enrollment became too high. This is a stressful customer interaction many would like to avoid. Others have spent too much time watching enrollments in real-time to ensure they manually close the course to limit student enrollment before overselling a course. 

Enrollment caps can help you automate and limit student enrollments. They also ensure you don’t lose sleep worrying about overselling your course or coaching product. 

This past month, we released several updates to support how you manage student enrollments in your courses and coaching products. Additionally, we also created a new way for you to maximize the benefits of affiliate marketing. 

March product updates

Student enrollment caps 

Now available on all paid plans, creators can set enrollment caps to limit how many students can enroll in a course or in coaching. Enrollment caps help you create a sense of scarcity with limited availability in your products, which can help drive sales. You can display a total number of seats available on your sales page or encourage students to enroll at a specific price point set up with a limited capacity. See how enrollment caps work in this blog post. e Knowledge Base.

Even better, Teachable’s new enrollment caps can support engaging learning experiences for your students. Enrollment caps help you create cohort opportunities for coaching. Students gathering in small groups helps build community and creates accountability to finish courses. Learn more about what you can accomplish with enrollment caps on courses.

Affiliates for coaching and bundles

With our affiliate roll out this month, we’ve introduced affiliate marketing for coaching and bundles. Creators on professional and business plans can use affiliate marketing for all their Teachable products, not just courses.

Affiliates can help you target new audiences that are an ideal fit for your products. They can also diversify your marketing tactics by using multiple methods and channels to reach potential customers. To set up affiliates for all your products or learn more about how to customize your affiliate experience in Teachable, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Bulk CSV enrollments

Previously, business plan users could only bulk import new enrollments into courses. This month, Teachable launched Bulk CSV enrollments for coaching and bundles. Now, creators can save even more time managing student enrollments. Learn more about bulk imports.

Make the most of updates

For more information about any of the updates above be sure to check out the Teachable Knowledge Base. There you can find anything you need to know about these updates or any other aspect of how to use Teachable. Keep an eye out for further updates coming next month!