Teachable creators share their 2020 milestone moments

Haleigh Fullilove

| Dec 15, 2020

We asked a few of our creators about some big professional goals they made in 2020. Aside from them collectively reaching one billion dollars in GMV, there was so much to celebrate.

New beginnings

As of August, Edward Zia told us that his monthly Teachable revenue now covers all of his family expenses—“mortgages, car, internet, food, the lot—life-changing.” Aside from that incredible milestone, he also continues to build his LinkedIn following of more than 100,000 followers and drives new leads using Teachable.

For Ann K. Emery, half of her income previously came from leading in-person workshops to organizations all over the world. “Twent twenty could've been a disaster for my data training business, but Teachable saved the day,” she recounts. “In 2020, I quickly pivoted to online training, and not only made up the income loss from not being able to provide in-person training, but blew my previous numbers away. I'm so grateful that Teachable's platform is easy to use for both the instructors and the participants.”

Soaring goals

Despite the external forces of the world, Ashlee Klevens Hayes saw a dramatic increase in her online business sales. “This is the highest income year my online business has made,” she said. “I nearly doubled the income of my 2019 revenue.”

Aside from her big revenue wins, she was also published in Thrive Global and turned eight in-person speaking engagements into online virtual keynote presentations.

We also asked our audience on Twitter to fill us in on some big wins of the year.




But, we can’t forget personal goals, either. Not only did Edward get to a point where he can “do a full set of chin-ups”, but our very own team here at Teachable also picked up some impressive hobbies. Check out what we learned and created below:

What are some of your big milestones of the year? There’s nothing too big or small to celebrate. Let us know in the comments.

Haleigh is the Social Media Strategist at Teachable. Outside of work, she loves baking, learning about astrology, and practicing calligraphy.