New Teachable iOS App: Let Students Access Your Course on the Go

Laurence Bradford

| Sep 07, 2017


When we launched Teachable in 2014, we knew that online courses had the power to transform the way we learn and share knowledge. 

Teachable makes it possible for anyone to make real money teaching what they know from anywhere in the world. And those online courses allow millions of students to learn life-changing skills no matter where they live (and without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars). 

Three years later, the online education space is still evolving, and it’s our goal at Teachable to lead that growth. 

That’s why we’re investing in Teachable’s mobile presence. 

This week, we released a new and improved iOS app.

Here’s exactly what’s included. 

What’s included in the Teachable iOS app release 

Here’s everything course takers can do in Teachable’s free iOS app:  

  • View course content and stream native videos 
  • Download course content to view later offline 
  • Access handouts, worksheets, text, and images 
  • Take lecture quizzes and view their scores 
  • Complete lectures and sync their progress with other devices 

Students can seamlessly switch between mobile and desktop, picking up in a course exactly where they left off. 

The iOS app is available to all Teachable schools, across all plans—as long as your school has myTeachable accounts enabled

Why are we committed to mobile? 

In 2016, 30.2% of Teachable students accessed Teachable courses from their mobile device, and 4.5 million students accessed a Teachable school using an iPhone, specifically. And this trend holds up across the industry. 

While the average time consumers spend on desktops, laptops, radio, print, and TV, has stagnated or decreased, time spent on mobile has been increasing, according to a consumer survey (GeoMarketing). 

What’s more, “Time on mobile is mostly app time: People are spending an average of 3:23 per day in apps, and only 50 minutes on the mobile web.” That’s three hours and twenty three minutes spent in apps alone, daily

Our instructors have noticed this trend. We heard loud and clear when you said you wanted to make your courses available to students on the go. 

Why take advantage of the iOS app? 

The app gives your course another selling point: students can access the curriculum from anywhere. 

Making your course available on the iOS app expands your reach to students who prefer to use mobile devices and access content anywhere, rather than taking the time to sit down at a desktop or laptop computer. 

Students can learn faster and with more flexibility. Instead of playing Candy Crush in the dentist waiting room or the airport, they can be productive there instead. 

Further, the new downloadable content feature means students can even progress through your course without being connected to Wifi or cellular data.  

Ready to go mobile?

Important: About downloading content on the Teachable iOS app 

Allowing your students to download content for offline viewing on the iOS app is different than allowing them to download your files when viewing the course on a laptop or desktop computer:  

  • Downloadable files on your lectures: When you add multimedia files to your lectures, you choose whether or not to allow your students to download these files. Most instructors choose not to enable downloads for video, audio, or pdf content to prevent students from sharing their content with people who have not purchased the course. 
  • Downloading content for offline viewing on the iOS app: When your students use the Teachable iOS app to access your courses, they will have the option to download entire lectures for offline viewing. However, the downloaded content is only accessible within the app. This means that your content will still be protected and only available to those who are enrolled in your courses.  

The Teachable iOS app in action 

Here’s an insider look at the Teachable iOS app. 

Upon logging in with a student account, users will be immediately taken to the My Courses dashboard. Here they can view all courses they’re enrolled in across schools. (Again, schools that have myTeachable enabled.) Think of this as a home screen!


After selecting a course to take, they’ll see the Course Curriculum with all sections and lectures in a given course.


Along with section and lecture titles, they’ll see what type of content the lecture is: quiz, file, video, audio, and text. 

Just like accessing a lecture on your web browser, lectures on the mobile app vary in appearance depending on the content types within them. Similar to the desktop experience, the iOS app will display text, files (videos, audio PDFs and images), as well as quizzes. 

For example, this is what it looks like to go through a quiz on the app:


Just like in the web browser, your students can “Complete and Continue” lectures to be taken to the next lecture in the course.


They can also see which lectures they’ve completed from the course overview screen as well as overall course progress.


To view your content offline, your students can download the course lectures. All they need to do is click on the arrow next to the lecture name.


Once the lecture has been downloaded, a checkmark will indicate that it’s available for offline viewing.


Your students can also easily download all the lectures in a section at once by clicking All. 


How to help your students get the app  

Ready to share the news with your students? Great! 

Below you can find step-by-step directions to share with your students on how to download the app. But first, make sure you have myTeachable enabled on your school. This is the only way your courses can be found on the iOS app. 

Instructions to share with your students  

Here’s how you can download the Teachable iOS app:  

1. On your compatible device (Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), visit the App Store. 

2. Once in the App Store, search for, “Teachable Online Courses”. 

3. Click the cloud icon to download the app on your device.


4. After downloading, open the app. 

5. On the login screen, enter the Email address and Password associated with the student account you’d like to access. 


6. You’re in! Upon login, you’ll see all the schools you’re account is associated with along with the specific courses you’re enrolled in on that account.   

What's coming next 

Next up, the team is building:  

  • Mobile comments (on lectures), so students can comment while accessing your course via the mobile app 
  • Push notifications for drip content, so students can get instant notifications when new content is available in your course.

We’re continuing to improve the student experience of the iOS app, as well as add new functionality. Stay tuned for future iOS feature announcements! 

In the meantime, download the iOS app on your device by clicking the button below.

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.