Teachable Monthly Update February 2016

Ankur Nagpal

| Feb 23, 2016

We work very hard to develop Teachable into the best product it can be - but we have done an admittedly poor job of keeping our community updated with all that’s changing.

We have historically not announced new product features and updates anywhere outside our Facebook group, not kept a granular public change log, not employed a real ticketing system and have not been forthcoming about what direction the product is evolving in.  

That ends today.  

Starting this month, we’re going to compile a blog post like this one (Can I get a wut wut?) sharing all that’s new and updated inside the product and around the company on the last Tuesday of every month.   

We also recently released a granular change log that is updated on Monday and Wednesday evenings by the amazing Loralee Hutton. We also strengthened our support team, finally moved to a real ticketing system and launched our onboarding ambassador program…. but more on that soon. 

Let’s jump into the good stuff... 

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New Features

February was a big month for feature rollouts. We finally released payment plans, native comments and a brand new ticketing system that can be accessed from the inside the admin dashboard.  

We also released a host of smaller upgrades throughout the month that you can find by perusing our monthly list of changes.  

Native Comments 

You cannot possibly overestimate how excited I am to say goodbye to Disqus again while creating a comments block inside a lecture. 

I’m also not the only one: 


Previously if you wanted student participation within your course, you had to integrate a third-party extension (Disqus) so students could leave comments. This was inelegant since it required a separate login. 

Now, you can choose to enable native comments and use Teachable’s own commenting system. It alleviates the need for any additional logins AND you can optionally turn on moderation if you’d like to control whether students can post comments without approval.  

Support article on native comments 

This is still an early implementation of comments and we’ll be continually tweaking it to bring it up to par with other commenting solutions. We also do not have any plans of removing Disqus in the immediate future so you won’t be forced to switch unless you want to. 

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Payment Plans 

This has been in the works for a long time, but Teachable finally supports a third pricing option in addition to indefinitely recurring monthly and annual subscriptions and one-off payments: payment plans.  

Payment plans let you charge students X payments of $Y every month. These payments recur automatically and after the requisite amount of payments have been made end automatically.  

Research suggests you can improve conversion rates, particularly for higher priced products by offering payment plans. Since Teachable lets you create multiple pricing options for a course, this should be something you should consider for ALL courses you sell over a few hundred dollars.  

Support article on implementing payment plans 


New Ticketing System 

For the last 18 months, we had all support issues filter directly to a support email that was managed by Front. While it provided an elegantly easy diagnosis for support queries (hey, just email us), a lot of our community was aggrieved by not being able to view ticket status, follow-ups or most frustrating of all, being stalled by email delivery problems:


After much time debating possible solutions, we finally decided to integrate with Freshdesk and set up a ticketing system integrated INSIDE your Teachable school. You can now file a ticket by using the Help tab inside the admin panel and view follow-ups right from your school (in addition to e-mail of course): 

In addition, we revamped our self-help knowledge base, rolled out community forums and launched an onboarding ambassador program that gives people that upgrade to the Professional Plan a complimentary 2-hour onboarding session. 

Our work in improving our support infrastructure is only beginning. Expect to see progress here every single month. 

Features That No One is Using & It Makes Me Sad

Hopefully in time, I can remove this section as y’all get so good at using all of what we have to offer but for now, I’m super depressed with how few people use my favorite Teachable feature of them all -- the magic F key. 

Did you know that at any point inside the Teachable console you can press the F key and search globally for any student or course? 

Need to refund a student asap or edit something without going through the standard navigation structure? Boom, magic F to the rescue: 


Our Finest Content From The Month

Ashley, Allison and the rest of our content team have been hard at work in February writing feature-length articles every Thursday AND launching a brand new guest contributor program (which you can submit to here). 

 Highlights this month include:  

We also launched a new weekly newsletter - Make Change Weekly. This newsletter curates the best articles, workshops and FREE courses from not just our blog, but our favorites around the Interwebz. It's perfect for people looking to build income streams online and escape the 9-5. Check out the Friday AMAs and ask questions to your heart's desire. 

Every week, we feature someone that has beaten the cubicle as the weekly Change Maker. In February, we hosted exclusive interviews with...  

Sign up for Make Change Weekly to get a weekly dose of inspiration every Friday AM and the chance to pick the brain of the best in the biz.

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Free Upcoming Trainings

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 24th, we’re hosting a webinar with videographer extraordinaire Caleb Wojcik tomorrow on creating amazing DIY video for your courses. 

We previously published a DIY Video Blog Post featuring Caleb and it's been viewed over 2,000 times. Back by popular demand, we're stoked to sharing Caleb's advice with allll ya'll. REGISTER HERE 


What's Happening Next Month

Teachable Partayy in Florida

No, really. We’re taking the entire company on a 5-day retreat to Fort Lauderdale, FL in the middle of March. On the product side, it’s going to be a 3-day hackathon and our marketing team is hard at work with Caleb Wojcik recording the next iteration of some amazing training materials on creating and selling online courses  

On the product side, we’ll be spending the month rolling out enhancements to the comments feature, working on a bunch of UX enhancements to make the interface even more intuitive and working on rolling out the ability to drip content.  

Stay tuned for more details next month including a picture of Team Teachable getting our sun game on in Florida.

This month's product updates to help you create and sell an online course with Teachable: pricing plans, native comments, support ticketing system, new content, and free trainings. Click to read all the deets!

I want to hear from you. Was this roundup helpful? 

Let me know in the comments section below what you would like to see in next month’s update.

Ankur Nagpal is the founder of Teachable, who pledges to make you a lot of cash money if you teach online with Teachable.com