February 2019 Product Update: New Roadmap, Releases & Updates

Frances Wong

| Mar 05, 2019

February might be the shortest month in the year, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t putting in just as much work to build new features and squash old bugs. 

Last month, we published the first in this monthly product update series. We started this series so our users could learn more about what our product team is working on. In addition to this series, Teachable founder Ankur Nagpal also published a medium article dedicated to every one of you in our Teachable family that highlights why we think transparency is so important. 

As we near the end of this first quarter, there’s a lot we want to get done and share with you! 

What’s New on Teachable? 

Public Roadmap 

As many of you know, Teachable has never had a public roadmap. We’ve been hesitant to release one for many reasons—plans change, timelines shift, and most importantly, we don’t want to overpromise. While as a company we still think this was the right call for us in our early stages, we also understand that as we grow and scale, we have a larger responsibility to our creators to provide more information about our business plans. 

We are putting out a public product roadmap to provide visibility into features that we are actively working on (not every planned feature we'd like to add in the future). We divided the roadmap into three themes to show how we plan product features and updates. 

Here’s our high-level public roadmap. 


Features: Any new functionality we are adding to the platform to improve the way you run your online course business. 

Platform Usability & Stability: Any updates or fixes we are working on to to improve features that we already have. 

Legal Compliance: Any features we need to build to make sure we are legally compliant. 

We will update this roadmap every month as projects are released and added, so you know what to expect from our team every upcoming month! 

New Feature: Course compliance

Course compliance is now available for all Professional and Business Plan users! This new feature allows you to ensure your students complete your lectures in order, as well as complete your videos and quizzes before they can move forward in the course curriculum. 

For quizzes, you can even set a minimum passing quiz score and a maximum number of retake attempts allowed. Don’t worry— you’ll still be able to reset your students score if they maxout on retake attempts. 

For more information about our course compliance feature, please check out our blog post!

Updates & Other Fixes

  • We unified the design elements of our Statements and Transactions pages under the Sales tab in admin. 
  • We fixed the coupon creation flow to show an error message when symbols % and $ are included in your coupon, so no more faulty coupon codes can be created. 

Coming up at Teachable…

As we mentioned in last month’s update, we are working hard this quarter to strengthen our checkout flow to increase conversion rates for your school. We will be able to share those results at the end of the quarter, so please stay tuned! 

Additionally, our product team has also started working on: 

  • Fixing email deliverability issues for custom and bulk emails sent through Teachable.
  • Simplifying the login flow for school owners to reduce friction with device confirmation.
  • Making it easier to customize our native course certificates.
  • Adding a Payouts tab for users on Teachable Payments to get more visibility into their payouts.
  • Making adjustments to our invoices for student-side purchases compliant with VAT standards.
  • Making our Help Center easier to access from your admin area so you get the support you need.

Got suggestions? Got questions? We’re all ears. Comment below and I’ll respond directly or in the next monthly product update! 

Frances Wong is a Product Marketer at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Frances is an avid sports fan and dedicates her weekends to Manchester United and Georgetown Hoyas games.