Volunteering, Hiring, and Event Planning: Teachable Monthly Update January 2018

Laurence Bradford

| Jan 30, 2018

We at Teachable hope everyone’s had a good start to the new year! We have a lot of goals we want to accomplish in this first quarter, and now that everyone’s back from holiday trips, we’re hard at work. 

As we’re chugging away on a bunch of plans for product improvements, we’ve also been stepping up our “company events” game. This month, we’ve done that by inviting course creators to the office, organizing volunteer events with local charities, and doing fun activities together as a team. Read about everything we’re doing below! 

Free In-Person Course Creation Workshop Tonight! 

As much as we love interacting with all of you virtually, we’re even more excited to welcome you to our office for a live networking and workshop event! Attendees will get to meet fellow course creators, work through ideas together, and leave ready to build, market, and sell that course. 

The event will take place tonight (Tuesday, January 30), from 6:30-8:30pm, in our office near Union Square--so you’ll come see where the magic happens :) Our community manager Noele Steadman and other members of the Teacha-team will lead the workshop. 

If you don’t have plans for tonight, why not join us? Just put down a $15 deposit to reserve your spot; it’ll be refunded after the event. See full details here! 

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Company Update  

New Hires in January 

Hiring was slowing down toward the end of 2017, but now that it’s a new year, we’re getting back to it. Five new employees joined us this month!

Teachable Gives Back 

We did a bunch of volunteer events during the holidays and we’re keeping that momentum going in the new year. As a team, we think there’s nothing more rewarding than helping others, and our office manager Casey Kwon is arranging plenty of volunteering opportunities where we’ll do just that. (Our official volunteer team name?! Teachateers!)


Here’s Casey explaining the volunteer initiative and why it’s so important to us:  

What inspired you to start this initiative? 

“There are so many incredible charitable organizations in NYC alone that support almost every demographic, socioeconomic status, literacy level, sexual orientation, religion, age bracket, and even species. Since Teachable offers a few volunteer opportunities every quarter, I do my best to consciously select a range of opportunities that reflects the breadth of our community.” 

How do you choose the events? 

“I conducted a Volunteer Interest Survey to determine which causes people are most interested in and determine logistics for when employees could realistically contribute their time. I also wanted to crowdsource ideas for which organizations employees valued and this is how I’ve learned about amazing advocacy groups such as Callen-Lorde, International Rescue Committee, and Code2040.” 

What are some upcoming volunteer opportunities in the next few months? 

“Teachateers will have multiple opportunities to volunteer their time this quarter! On the docket so far we have a couple soup kitchen visits with God’s Love We Deliver and Welcome Table, along with a book packing session for Books Through Bars, a donation drive, and a pillow making session for shelter dogs. If you know an organization you think we should partner with, please comment on this blog post—we’re always looking for new ways to give back!” 

The Office Gets Crafty 

Employees released their inner artists at a crafting event where we designed stamps, carved them ourselves, and used our new stamp creations to make stationary sets and decorate tote bags. 

The event was organized through CraftJam. Materials were provided and we enjoyed BYOB drinks as a certified “Jam Master” taught us everything we needed to know. 

Teachable Employee Spotlight 

Meet Jess Catorc 


I lead partnerships at Teachable where I manage strategic brand/influencer partnerships, oversee event sponsorship and finding unique ways to support our partners (including running in-person events and online workshops)! 

What’s the best thing about your experience working at Teachable?  

Having access to invaluable data around online courses and seeing the shifts in how information is being consumed and taught online. Being a course creator myself, it’s been incredibly insightful! 

What’s an interesting Teachable school that you’ve come across? 

Copper Deficiency in Goats by Deborah Neiman. I love it because she has mastered the art of launching a course within a niche. 

What are you most excited about going forward?  

How quickly the online course industry is growing and seeing the positive impact it’s having on both instructors and students. 

Based on something you've already done, how might you make it into the Guinness Book of World Records?  

Doing a flash mob in Australia with strangers for my mom’s birthday? 

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What’s Happening Soon   

We’re Moving to a New Office  

It’s that time of year again! (Did you know we’ve moved 7 times in the company's history!?) Teachable is gearing up for another office move in the beginning of March -- this will be our 8th office. 

This time, we’re staying in the same area, but just moving a few blocks away to a larger office. Our team has grown a lot since our last office upgrade (from 32 to 62--so we almost doubled!), and we’re still adding new people all the time, so we want to have the space we need to make everyone comfortable and avoid being stacked like sardines ;) 

The best part? All the new amenities! Since we’ll have double the room to work with, the new office will feature two kitchens, a game room, a bike rack, and tons of communal spaces with couches and more. 

User Management Improvements  

When it comes to the Teachable product itself, we’ve been actively working on improving the way school owners can add other users (students, authors, affiliates, other owners) to their schools. We know this is an area in the product that has been less than ideal, and we’ve been listening to all our instructors who’ve suggested improvements. 

We’ve already been working away at this for the last several months, as it’s a big project with lots of pieces to consider! We also have a few other related user-management updates in store. Can’t wait for you to see them! 

We’re Still Hiring! 

Teachable Career Opportunity Spotlight: Senior Manager, Acquisition Marketing 

Check out this brand-new role on our Growth team here at Teachable! 

What you’ll be doing:   

  • Managing a 7-figure paid media budget and acquisition strategy 
  • Tracking and measuring impact of marketing activities 
  • Becoming a key player on our marketing team 
  • Having the opportunity to scale a business that is already growing really quickly  

Ways to grow in role:  

Teachable is growing rapidly as a company. This is your chance to make a real impact on our success and help multiply our reach! We encourage all our employees to reach their personal and professional goals, and we’d love to help you grow in a way that’s meaningful to your career. 

Who you’ll be reporting to:

Andrew Guttormsen, VP of Growth. As one of the first ten employees at Teachable, Andrew has been a key player in helping the company grow and scale to where it is in 2018. Having previously worked in finance, Andrew left the industry to work at companies that were making more of an impact in everyday lives of individuals. He found that at Teachable, where all-time course sales have now reached over $120 million, he can do that. 

All Open Positions  

Here’s what we’re still searching for: 

Growth & Marketing  

  • Content Marketing Manager: Manage content marketing campaigns, run online events, build content partnerships, and ultimately find ways to get our content in front of new eyes. 
  • Copywriter: Write direct-response copy that converts, including landing pages, sales letters, email campaigns, and more. Tell compelling stories that attract new users to the platform. 
  • Email Marketing Manager: Design and implement marketing tactics to optimize email engagement and success--like A/B testing, user list segmenting, automated email programs, etc. Also help improve other messaging (e.g. browser push notifications and in-app messages). 
  • Graphic Designer: Help Teachable evolve our visual identity by designing media for our website, emails, social media, advertisements, videos, and events. Work with the marketing team to optimize ad design. 
  • Senior Manager, Acquisition Marketing: Join our marketing team to head up acquisition strategy, thinking about the big picture as well as overseeing day-to-day operations. Oversee digital channels including SEM, Display Prospecting & Retargeting, and Paid Social. Use metrics to determine the success of various campaigns.  

Customer Operations  

  • Customer Educator: If you’re a Teachable user, you might already be an expert on the ins and outs of the platform. Put that knowledge to more good use by joining our Customer Care team to help other users solve their problems.  

Product Development  

  • Lead Product Designer: Take the reins on designing a beautiful, effective product that will be used by millions of people. Join our Product team and collaborate with other departments to take your designs from idea to execution. 
  • Technical Project Manager: Collaborate across teams (focusing on engineering) to improve internal processes and tools. You’ll help us prioritize bug fixes, optimize team efficiency, and help with documentation and project management tool usage.  


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We’re so excited to keep expanding the Teachable team in the coming months. Perks include working in a gorgeous office in Manhattan, working in an exciting and fast-paced environment with awesome people, competitive pay, health care benefits, tax-free commuter benefits and more.   

See you next month! 

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages learntocodewith.me, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.