Introducing Upsells and Hiring Like Crazy - July 2017 Update

Laurence Bradford

| Jul 25, 2017

A lot of companies seem to slow down during the summer, but we've been doing the opposite ;) We’re still chugging along with new features, hiring, and producing content… all while having a great time as a company.  

A few highlights from the month include: 

1) Post-purchase upsells 

Students can now purchase another course as an upsell with one click if you choose to market one on your thank you page! More on this in our Product Updates section below. 

2) Hiring like crazy 

July has been our busiest month ever as far as hiring goes. (And we’re still hiring! See the end of this post for more details.) 

We had 9 employees start in July! It’s certainly a Teachable record as far as full-time employee start dates go. Considering that we had under 20 full-time employees this time last year, we're so excited to be growing exponentially and improving our ability to bring you the service and product developments you want. 

Here’s who we welcomed to the team:    

  • William Boyd as Data Analyst 
  • Tabitha Hickman as Vice President of Finance 
  • Jacob Mark as Technical Recruiter 
  • Vitaliy Isikov as Senior Front End Developer 
  • Chandler Moisen as Front End Developer 
  • Benjamin Cheng and Alexandra Friedman as Customer Educators 
  • Hannah Adams as Design Intern 
  • Robert Veltman as Full Stack Developer (on the Growth team)

We’re so excited to have all these new faces on the Teachable team. Let’s dive into product updates. 

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July Product Updates  

Video Embed Blocks 

All block-style page editors (sales page, thank you page, homepage, and custom pages) now feature a brand-new video embed block. This allows you to upload a video directly to display somewhere on the page, with a heading and description to go with it:


One of the ways the video embed block will be useful is because of this month's next big product development. Introducing... 

Post-Purchase Upsells!  

One-click upsells were an often-requested feature over these past few months, and there's nothing we love more than giving our instructors what they want. You can now add upsell offers to the thank you page of any course. This means that students who buy one of your courses will have the opportunity to purchase another course/product with one click after enrolling in the original course. 

Here's an example of what the thank you page will look like when a student purchases a course that you've added an upsell offer to:


You can accomplish this by using our two fancy new blocks in the thank you page editor of the course you want to add an upsell to--the Video Embed block (which you just read about) to add a pitch, and the Upsell Offer block, which gives students the opportunity to accept your upsell and enroll in the selected course, or decline it. 

If they accept, they'll be able to pay right away with the same payment method they used for the original course:


Find both blocks in the Suggested Blocks area of your thank you page editor to make it easy!


Read more about upselling tips and tricks on our blog or in the Knowledge Base. And stay tuned for a blog post on how to upsell products other than regular courses too--like mentoring sessions or webinars. It's a versatile tool! 

Upcoming Product Updates 

Single-Page Checkout 

One of our top priorities is designing a single-page checkout experience allowing new students to pay and create an account on a single, streamlined page. The goal is to reduce the steps required to enroll in a course, thus eliminating potential confusion or barriers to purchase.  

Improved User Management  

Keep your eyes open! We're working hard on improving our user management tools. We want to make it as intuitive as possible to add, import, and manage users -- not just students, but also authors, affiliates, and other owners. 

July's Finest Content   

Featured Blog Posts 

This month, we're highlighting two posts to help you master online marketing and earn money with your blog!


165 Must-Know Digital Marketing Terms to Start an Online Business: Eduardo Yi delves into the terminology you'll need to know as a successful digital marketer, with concise-yet-comprehensive definitions of 165 terms. This isn't the type of blog post to read in one go -- unless you're also the type of person who reads dictionaries for fun, in which case, go for it. Otherwise, just download it or keep it bookmarked and reference/Ctrl-F as needed!


How to Monetize Your Blog: Many online entrepreneurs like to diversify their outreach and income methods -- and one potent combination is selling courses + running a monetized blog. Not sure how to start making money with your blog? Here, Morgan Timm outlines a variety of practical strategies for monetizing your blog, covering pros, cons, how to start, and other considerations.

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Company and Team Updates  

Team Photos 

With so many new employees at the company, we decided to get individual as well as team (and company!) photos retaken. Here's who Teachable is behind the scenes: our company family photo.

Flag Football and Game Night 

We like spending time as a team both at work and after work, whether it's hitting the park for flag football or battling it out over board games.

Revamping the Tech Blog 

We're excited to revamp the tech blog at Teachable, giving you a peek into what our engineering team is doing behind the scenes to make Teachable what it is. If you're interested in tech, design, and development, you'll enjoy reading about the technology and processes they use to build the product you know and love. We'll let you know when it's up and running :)


Teachable Employee Spotlight: Kadian Watson

How long have you been working at Teachable?  

I have been at Teachable for about 7 months. 

What do you do at Teachable?  

I'm a Customer Care Shift Lead/Associate. My day consists of helping my team manage the support ticket queues, documentation of our procedures, and engaging with our Facebook group, The Teachable Tribe. I also help assist customers troubleshooting their schools or answer general questions and concerns about the platform. 

What’s the best thing about your experience working at Teachable?  

The best thing about working here would have to be the Teachable culture. I get to work with genuine, extremely talented, and passionate people. Working in this kind of atmosphere is contagious and has pushed me to learn new skills that I never knew I could do. I love the challenge my job gives by constantly seeking new ways to improve and provide innovation. 

What’s an interesting Teachable school that you’ve come across? 

One of the most interesting schools I’ve come across would have to be the school about how to take care of your goat. To start, I had no idea so many people had goats. Secondly, it goes to show that there’s a market for everything. 

What are you most excited about going forward?  

I'm most excited for the new levels that we’re planning on taking the customer care service to. Our team continues to grow and so will our level of support. We want to be there for our customers as much as possible to make sure we’re there when they need us the most. 

If you could live in any sitcom, which one would it be? 

That's a really hard one! I'd have to say it's between New Girl and How I Met Your Mother. The casts remind me a lot of my friends back home and the crazy predicaments we found ourselves in. 

Teachable Career Opportunity Spotlight: Product Designer


We’re hiring a product designer. Here’s the lowdown on what the job will be like! 

What you’ll be doing: You’ll be involved in every stage of the product development process, from user research to brainstorming the next product innovation to tweaking pixels. As the first dedicated product designer on our team, you'll have a massive impact across not only the product but the entire company. We are in a position now where you would be critical in shaping our design practices and philosophy as we scale and help establish the design team.


Who you’ll be reporting to: Sid Yadav - Sid is the Product Lead at Teachable, has been at the company almost 3 years, and is an experienced designer and front-end engineer.  

Fun fact: as a high schooler, Sid created a popular tech blog covering web startups and technology, and later built a diary app with over 70,000 users! 

When he’s not working, Sid is hanging out with his daughter and wife in Williamsburg. 

Ways you can grow in the role: Taking ownership of Teachable’s design within the product and help grow the product design team moving forward.

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We’re Hiring Across The Company! 

Here’s what else we’re still searching for: 

Growth & Marketing  

  • Account Manager: join the growth team as our first ever Account Manager, where you’ll onboard and support new enterprise and VIP users and be their primary point of contact at Teachable. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager: own Teachable’s affiliate program from top to bottom: you’ll manage the operations, strategy, and much more.  
  • Content Marketing Specialist: join the content team, where you’ll create and promote content, contribute to our social media strategy, and champion other projects.  

Customer Operations  

  • Customer Educator: help Teachable instructors succeed on the platform by answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and much more.   

Product Development  

  • Product Designer: join Teachable’s product team as the first dedicated product designer, where you’ll be involved in every of the product development process (see the career opportunity spotlight!).  


  • Senior Front-End Developer: we’re looking for a senior front-end engineer to join our tight-knit engineering team, building and testing features and improvements on the front end of the Teachable product. 
  • Software Engineer: join the Teachable engineering team as a full-stack or back-end engineer where you’ll get to collaborate on the roadmap, design, and architecture of the product. 
  • Software Engineer - Data: bridge our engineering and data teams by creating systems for data collection, analysis, and management.  
  • Software Engineer - Internal Tools: improve the jobs of everyone around you by increasing the stability and efficiency of team workflows as well as allowing us to serve our customers smarter and faster. 
  • VP of Engineering: alongside our CTO, lead the growth for our engineering team. Be in charge of managing our existing processes and continually improving our culture.  

Learn more about each opening on our Careers page

Don’t see an opening that fits your skills and previous experience, but want to join the Teachable team? Have no fear! You can now create your own role. See more here

We are so excited to expand the Teachable team in the coming months. As a member of #teamTeachable, you’ll get to work in a gorgeous office in Manhattan, close to Union Square. You’ll also be part of an exciting and fast-paced environment with hard-working teammates, competitive pay, health care benefits, gym or wellness match benefits and more.   

Have an amazing rest of the summer and we’ll see you in August!

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.