Teachable Monthly Update March 2016

Ankur Nagpal

| Mar 29, 2016

Alright Teachable Tribe, March was a good one.  

Our biggest achievement of the month was spending almost an entire week in a single house in Deerfield Beach, FL and not wanting to tear each other’s hair out.



We cooked and ate all of our meals together, worked outdoors under a tiki hut by the pool, played an elementary version of poolside cricket and smoked some fine cigars…. all while shipping a couple of snazzy features. 

Let’s get into that. 

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New Features

A transaction breakdown 

A detailed transaction view showed us just how complicated our own payment processing system could be. 

One of the most common support requests we get is people looking for a cent-by-cent breakdown of an entire transaction - and that used to entail digging into a downloadable CSV and then parsing for the data you requested. 

Well, no more - this month we decided to ship a transaction view that shows you exactly where each cent goes for an incoming student payment:


In the process, we realized just how many variables exist in our processing system… jeez. For any transaction, we show you any or all of:  

  • The transaction fee 
  • VAT taxes withheld 
  • A fee paid out to your author 
  • A fee paid out to your affiliates 
  • Whether the transaction has been partially or fully refunded 
  • What currency the transaction was in and a USD equivalent 
  • Whether the student paid via Stripe or Paypal 
  • Whether the money was held by Teachable and paid out later - or directly to your account 
  • If it’s the former, when you can be expected to pay out

Early alpha of drip content - oh hells yes! 

Yup, you read it. This has been our most requested feature and one that we have admittedly taken our time with. 

For the uninitiated, drip content is the ability to sequentially release your course content based on a specific number of days after a student enrolls (example: Module 1 becomes available 7 days after a student enrolls, Module 2 becomes available 14 days after, Module 3 becomes available 21 days after, etc.).  

We finally have this features working in early alpha (i.e. on our own Academy and a few select other schools) and will slowly be working to enable it for all Teachable schools on the Professional plan in the coming months.


So why did it take so long? We wanted to do it right. And after talking to many of you awesome people, we realized the only way to make this feature go above and beyond was to allow you to customize an e-mail when each section becomes available. What this means is you can now use Teachable to run email courses, or video series type courses - and write each and every email in advance that then just works like magic. 

Oh and I’m not going to lie - I love how easy it is to make my drip schedule and see where my students are inside it:


I know y’all are eager for this - stay tuned, it’s being released slowly to people on the Professional plan starting next week. 

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Smaller housekeeping items as detailed in Loralee’s excellent release notes 

Another quick shoutout to the excellent release notes maintained by Loralee - this is the best source for more frequent updates on what’s been changing on the product side. 

A couple of smaller things we shipped this month includes:  

  • More student filtering options - you can now filter for students that are affiliates or authors which has been long requested. Additionally, you can find students associated with a specific pricing plan, or students have made a certain number of payments in a pricing plan along with students from a certain affiliate code. Boo-yah. 
  • Email notifications for cancelled subscriptions - this has also been long-requested but you can turn on a toggle to receive email notifications when a subscription billing fails, when a subscription billing is cancelled due to non-payment or when a student initiates cancelling a subscription.  

To get more of these, keep an eye on the change log ^^ 

Features that no one is using and it makes me sad

Navigation Between Lectures 

Ok guys, let me level with you. 

When you are editing your curriculum inside your course, do you ever find yourself inside a lecture, then hitting the back button, scrolling to where you were and going to the next lecture? 

Ugh, no - don't do that. 

Just use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard when you are inside a single lecture to navigate directly into the previous and next lecture. 

Thank you.


Our finest content from the month 

The content team worked hard all month to bring you informative articles to help you launch a successful and profitable course with an emphasis on answering that all-too-common question: How do I market my course?  

The team also had a post go viral - we weren't even surprised since it gives you a free download of email swipe copy for EVERY email you need to run a course.  

Additionally, we were able to feature some amazing Change Makers in our weekly feature, Make Change Weekly

Highlights this month include:  

And if you haven't checked out our Make Change Weekly feature yet - you're going to want to. Every week we curate the best articles, workshops and free courses from all over the internet.  

Don't forget - each week we give you the opportunity to ask the Change Maker anything you want in the comment section. #freeconsulting 

If you're looking to get seriously inspired & then want to know how to do something with it, check out some of these people who were able to escape the 9-5 and generate a living online and the best articles for running your biz.  

What's happening next month?  

Ok, so our team is sick and tired of hearing “THIS IS A BIG MONTH GUYS” every single month but, this time, we do really, really (I promise) mean it. 

On the marketing side, we are incredibly heads down launching our signature course, The Profitable Teacher, which is only available until the first few days of April. After that, the rest of the month is going to be spent being totes heads down on serving students in the program. 

On the product side, a lot of time will be spent rolling out drip content and building that feature out into the best it can be. We’re also working towards providing notifications for when people comment inside your school along with a way of bringing the flexibility of our sales page editor to other pages inside your school. 

On the life side, we are moving into a brand new office at Union Square in downtown NYC spending a not inconsiderable amount of energy planning our office warming and Teachable turns 2 partayy in the first week of May. 

Until next month, sayonara.


I want to hear from you. What can we do to serve you better? 

Let me know in the comments section below what you would like to see in next month’s update.

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