Teachable Monthly Update May 2016

Ankur Nagpal

| May 31, 2016

Alright, alright, alright. May is in the books, summer is here and I’m going to spare you a “things are heating up” pun.  

A lot of fun highlights this past month: 

1.) There was our two year anniversary and Cinco de Mayo party with the amazing Melyssa Griffin and 100+ other members of our community to kick off the month:

Teachable's April Product Update to help you create and sell a beautiful online course

(Errr, some might say we kicked it off too strong.) 

2.) We officially announced a $2.5m financing led by Accomplice Ventures, Naval Ravikant and Learn Capital. We also shared some sexy stats on our progress including the fact that we have now paid out over $10,000,000 to our amazing teachers including $3,000,00 in the last two months alone:

Teachable's April Product Update to help you create and sell a beautiful online course

3.) We held an online summit with 25 incredible speakers that had almost 20,000 attendees. All 12 events hit 500+ people live at the same time with the opening event drawing in a peak of 1,300+ live viewers. 

For those of you lucky to have secured lifetime access to the content, make sure you consume it - the knowledge bombs dropped per minute ratio was off the hook. 

For those of you that missed it, sucks to be you but stay tuned till November 2016 when we do it all over again. 

4.) Finally, we released a video on what it is that Teachable actually does: 

The video does a great job explaining what we do that other platforms don't and offers a comprehensive overview of our features, but it’s really Team Teachable’s acting prowess that made this video epic. 

Now, let’s get down to what’s spankin’ new on the product. 

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New Features

Admin Panel Redesign 

You’re probably going to see a redesign pop up in here once every few months - that’s because unlike other companies in this space, we make only one product at this company. 

That means every few months we look at what we have and come to the realization that we can do better. So much better. Soooo much better. 

And that’s exactly how we felt when we looked at our admin panel six weeks ago and felt like it was time to have another pass iterating over it - sleeker and faster interactions, getting rid of UX patterns we didn’t love (modals and tabs) and organizing the sidebar in a more intuitive way. 

Sid and Natalia went about the task of clearing up 50+ screens, rebuilding 100+ forms and finally, lo and behold, our newer, faster, reorganized admin panel:

Teachable's April Product Update to help you create and sell a beautiful online course

Like everything else, we’re not done here so if there are screens that particularly bother you on the admin panel, post a comment at the bottom of the post and let us know.

New Course and Transaction Filters 

One of the cool things about Teachable is we set absolutely no limit to the number of courses your account can have. 

And while that’s pretty much all kinds of awesome, some schools (ahem, here’s looking at you) have scaled to 1,000+ courses under a single account, which made for some rather challenging course administration. 

So we set out to rebuild the Courses tab in the admin panel to include pagination, easier navigation and better filters to let you find the courses you want to work on much, much faster than before. 

You can now find courses by name, published status, number of students, amount of revenue generated and author - as well as sort courses by name, directory order and creation date:

Teachable's April Product Update to help you create and sell a beautiful online course

Once we were done there, we extended the same logic to redo our Transactions tab (formerly Financial Reporting) to allow you to quickly find purchases by course name, author, affiliate, pricing plan, payment gateway, coupon code and more:


In the future, we want to build this section out to provide more intelligent reporting that can help reduce the need to download CSVs and muck about with Excel. 

Online Course Pricing Calculator

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Features That No One Is Using and It Makes Me Sad

This gets so much harder every month, but you know what really bums me out? 

We built a really slick email tool inside Teachable that lets you email your students straight from the admin panel *without* needing an external email delivery service. It’s got all kinds of great filters but sadly….. 

An astounding 82% of people have never sent a single e-mail out from Teachable. 

Well, we’re not having any more of that. 

We’re bringing the functionality out of the hidden Students tab to a base level tab to make it easier to access. But until then, I want to use this opportunity to urge y’all to start making use of this feature. 

To get you started, here are a few filters you can use immediately to start sending powerful email broadcasts:  

  • Find all students that have created an account but not bought a course yet and send them a special incentive to redeem in the course. If you don't have a free course, chances are they got stuck in the checkout process and helping them cross the final obstacle will lead to more sales. Free money, guys. 
  • Added new course content? Filter by students enrolled in that specific course and send them an email notification letting them know what’s up. 
  • Have a bunch of affiliates? When you next create a discount coupon, send out a broadcast email to all affiliates so they know how to promote it along with the date the coupon is expiring to introduce urgency 
  • Search for inactive students. Find students that are enrolled in a specific course (or not) and have not logged in 30 days giving them an incentive to come back to your school.  

Have other suggestions for useful broadcast emails to send using this feature? Share it in the comments below.

Check out what's new at Teachable in our May Product Update! We've redesigned our admin panel, created new course & transactions filters to help you see what your students are doing & to see all that cash monayyy flowing in! All to help you create and sell a beautiful online course. Plus we share how to email all your students right from inside Teachable!

Our Finest Content From The Month

Despite the entire marketing team being totally immersed with our online summit, the content juggernaut rolled on through the month with some killer content:  

We also launched a pretty snazzy Instagram that is all kinds of blowing up at the moment guyyyys. Errrrr, sort of - but follow us plz? 

Check out #myteachablecourse. Tag your course's sales page and we're happy to feature it - you can also use this hashtag to spy on what other course creators are doing. Sneaky sneaky.

We’re also on Periscope, Twitter, Facebook and, our new favorite, Pinterest. Our Snapchat plans are still highly confidential at this time. 

What's Happening Next Month

On the product side, there are a lot of outstanding loops being closed as we speak. 

The most important of which are automating our VAT compliance entirely and rolling out a notification center in the admin panel. Separately, we are also working hard towards making the admin panel as fast and responsive as possible. 

We are also spending a lot of time this month completely redoing our knowledge base as a lot of our product documentation (the how-to's and technology tutorials) are now out of date with all the new changes. Once that project is done, we’re going to deeply integrate it inside the product making contextual help easier to find. 

On the marketing side, we’re soon going to launch an affiliate program to reward loyal members of our family who tell their friends about Teachable, so stay tuned for news on that. 

With that said, the project I’m most excited about this coming month is our first ever Teachable Hack Week from June 13-18 where we take a week long vacation from our “regular jobs”, split up into four cross-functional teams and work on something new (yet Teachable-related) for a week. 

Until next month, sayonara.

I want to hear from you. Speed and responsiveness are incredibly important to us - what screens within the Teachable product are you finding to be the slowest to respond? What screens are the hardest to understand? Let me know in the comments. 

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