Teachable Monthly Update November 2016

Laurence Bradford

| Nov 29, 2016

Over the course of Teachable’s history, November has always been a big month. And November 2016 was no different. Records were broken, new features were launched, and we ended the month strong with our second annual summit. 

A few highlights from the month: 

1) Launching myTeachable 

Launching myTeachable was the biggest event of the month (heck, maybe even the biggest event of the company to date). It is essentially an entirely new way to manage your Teachable accounts that allows a single Teachable account to be associated with multiple Teachable schools. Along with myTeachable, we built a brand new help center. More about both of these below.  

2) Hosting the 2nd Annual Teachable Summit  

After a ton of success with our inaugural Teachable summit last year, we wanted to do another. We had 27 speakers and 12 workshops plus panels over the span of seven days. It was a hit! In fact, our kickoff event had over 1,700 tuning in live, with close to 20,000 registrants in total. Thanks to everyone who attended -- we hope you got as much value out of it as we did! 

3) Welcoming a new employee on the Customer Care team  

In November we had Paulina Vo join the Teachable team as Customer Care Operations Strategist. We are so excited to have her on board!  

Keep reading to learn more about what happened over the month of November!  

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New Features/Updates

myTeachable: a new way to access Teachable schools


We launched a brand-new way to manage accounts this month: myTeachable. Simply put, myTeachable allows you to access all your Teachable accounts (all your owner accounts, as well as affiliate, author, and student accounts on any myTeachable-enabled school) from one location: my.teachable.com.  

As of the time of writing, we have required all school owners to convert their account to a myTeachable account. Nothing substantial changes when you do this. You can still log in with the same email and password. However, now if you want to create another school, you don’t need a brand-new account to do so.  

We have begun rolling out myTeachable for students on select schools. As an existing school owner, you will never be forced to enable myTeachable accounts for your students. However, you’ll find that there are distinct advantages to doing so. A common student frustration is the need to create a new account every time they want to take a Teachable-powered course. By allowing them to sign up for your course using their myTeachable account, you remove that extra step. 

In the future, we hope to streamline the student checkout process even further with myTeachable, possibly even introducing one-click checkout with the option to save credit card information. 

myTeachable paves the way for improved customer support, an iOS app where students can consume course content on the go, the ability for a user to manage their school, affiliate, and author accounts from a central location, and more, as we continue to explore the potential myTeachable has to offer.  

Brand Spankin’ New Help Center  

We are always striving to serve you better. Aligned with that mindset, we launched a brand-new help center, which can be conveniently found inside your myTeachable dashboard.


The new help center offers faster and more reliable customer service support, thanks to a clearer understanding of identity with myTeachable. Not only does the center allow you to contact customer care directly; it also provides immediate answers and links to help you with your problem right there and then, so you don’t have to spend time waiting for a response.

Learn more about the new help center here

Launched the Teachable Affiliate Program 

You know about affiliates on schools...but what about affiliates for the Teachable platform itself? Done. Now you can promote the product you love AND get rewarded for it (cha-ching!) through the Teachable affiliate program. The details:  

  • We pay out 30% commissions with a 90-day cookie. This means that you earn 30% on every sale generated -- even one that occurs 90 days after your referral clicked the link.  
  • You can earn over time; on a subscription plan, you’ll get paid every month for the first year after your referral becomes a customer.    
  • Get paid monthly, right into your PayPal account. Easy peasy.   

Learn more about our affiliate program here: https://teachable.com/affiliates/ 

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This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

Our Finest Content From The Month

Here is some of the great content that was published on our blog last month:  

We also interviewed some great Change Makers you can check out here:  

Teachable Employee Spotlight


Meet Kristina Boxer 

How long have you been working at Teachable?  

I’ve been with Teachable since April 2016.  

What do you do at Teachable?  

Currently, I’m working to establish a stronger connection between our marketing and customer care teams by defining internal strategies that elicit a consistent, unified experience for our audience. What this looks like day to day is monitoring any outbound communication I can get my hands on, and consolidating the resulting inbound. I’m also working to develop a communications team that falls within our customer operations department, enabling us to have greater presence and outreach in media channels, and the beginning framework of a go-to crisis management protocol. 

What’s the best thing about your experience working at Teachable?  

The people! I feel abundantly fortunate getting to work among such brilliant people. Not only are we cultivating something beautiful here - expanding the reach of education, but we’re having fun while we’re doing it (most days, that is!) It’s an incredibly rewarding atmosphere. And in addition to that, I'm inspired by our instructors and their subject matter, their reason for teaching, daily.  

What’s an interesting Teachable school that you’ve come across? 

I really dig the subject matter at Carrie-Ann Moss’s school, annapurna-living.teachable.com 

What are you most excited about going forward?  

It’s pretty exhilarating being a part of this industry, the energy around where the platform is going, the ways in which we’re expanding as a team and laying the ground rules for how we systematize things moving forward. It’s amazing being able to shape things as we grow. Overall I’m siked simply having witnessed the expansion thus far and getting to work with the team while we imagine and prepare for what’s to come. 

What's Happening Next Month

Teachable’s Holiday Mixer  

You know what they say… there ain’t no party like a Teachable party. We’re kicking off the month of December with a Holiday Mixer. If you’re based in or near NYC we would love for you to come! It’s happening on Thursday, December 1. Continue here for more details. 

Teachable iOS app  

We’ve been working away for several months on an iOS app for students. The first version will be simple, with a primary emphasis on allowing students to consume course content on the go. Eventually we hope to build features such as offline access to make your courses even more accessible to your students. In December we’re putting on the final touches to this initial version and testing it out, and we hope to make it available to select schools before 2017. 

Continuing to roll out myTeachable for students  

Throughout the month, we’ll be making myTeachable for students available to more schools. Currently, we have it enabled on several large Teachable schools, like Bitfountain, Cave of Programming, learntoprogram.tv, growhack, and it has been working out very well. Schools are seeing conversion rates go up. Releasing myTeachable gradually in this final testing stage allows us to make sure everything works as planned before we roll it out to everyone, but for the month of December we look forward to enabling on more schools.   

We’re Always Hiring  

Come join the Teachable team! Here are the positions we’re currently looking to fill:   

Learn more about each opening here on Angel.co. We’re so excited to keep expanding the Teachable team in the coming months. Perks include working in a gorgeous office in Williamsburg, in an exciting and fast-paced environment with awesome people. We also offer competitive pay, health care benefits, and more.   

Have a wonderful holiday season, and we’ll see you next month!

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This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages learntocodewith.me, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.