November 2017 Update: New Course Sales Record on Cyber Monday

Laurence Bradford

| Nov 29, 2017

Hope all our U.S. instructors had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Per usual, here's a recap of what we’ve been up to at Teachable this month.  

First, a few of the highlights: 

1) Cyber Monday was a record-breaking success! 

A lot of Teachable schools were running great deals for Cyber Monday (and Black Friday) -- and it paid off. More on this below! 

2) Three new employees joined us:  


3) We’re hiring for several new roles across the company. 

Know anyone who wants a new opportunity in 2018? Send them our way! 

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What Happened In November 

Teachable Instructors Set Records on Cyber Monday  

The online equivalent to Black Friday is Cyber Monday, and it’s always an exciting day in the online business world. That certainly proved true for Teachable schools! You guys set a new record of most Teachable school sales in a single day. Give yourselves a hand :) 

Shoutout to some schools we noticed were offering special deals for the occasion:  

Advize Health.png

Did your school run any deals on Cyber Monday? Let us know in the comments! 

Live Chat Beta Launch 

We mentioned our plans to introduce live chat at the end of September, and our beta launch is underway! We’re rolling out to all schools on Professional (and up) plans by mid-December. Where to find the live chat on your school? You can locate it in inside the Help tab.

Live chat.png

Engineering Trip to RubyConf  

Some of our engineers went to The International Ruby Conference (aka RubyConf) down in New Orleans, to spend a few days immersing themselves in all things Ruby.   

At the conference, they got to meet Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby! Here’s a photo of two of Teachable engineers--Iain (left) and Mike (middle)--with him. 


New On The Company Blog 

Thinking of changing careers? That’s how we got our account manager, Katie Scott. In this interview post by Casey Kwon, read about how she left her job as a PE teacher in England and wound up at Teachable. 

Michael Sterling, one of our software engineers, wrote a post for the blog about the take-home project Teachable uses in engineering interviews. He describes how he handled the project during his own interview, then explains why and how the team decided to revamp the assignment. 

First Diversity and Inclusion Meeting  

Because we’ve had 100% growth in headcount over the past year, we wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page about our culture and values--so we had our first meeting to discuss diversity and inclusion at Teachable. 

We believe it is valuable to have a structured group to discuss and brainstorm ways to build and maintain an environment that’s respectful, diverse, and inclusive. 

More to come in 2018! 

Teachable Employee Spotlight 


Meet Melissa Guller

How long have you been working at Teachable?

I started in August 2017, so it’s been almost 4 months.

What do you do at Teachable?

I’m Teachable’s Head of Special Projects. I work with Ankur, our CEO, on managing new initiatives across the company. Some recent examples include launching Teachable Experts, working on internal planning and goal-setting, and producing some exciting new resources for our instructors. (Coming early 2018!)

What’s the best thing about your experience working at Teachable?

I’m constantly learning from my coworkers, and I love that every Teachable employee has their own diverse set of thoughts, experiences, and skills. I think our projects turn out stronger because everyone brings their unique perspective to the table.

What’s an interesting Teachable school that you’ve come across?

One of my first special projects was to help Robert McKee’s team translate his screenwriting book Dialogue into an online course. This was the first time we were involved in course production for a larger client, but supporting more of the process is something we’re testing and thinking about. You can see the live course here. 

What are you most excited about going forward?

I work for Teachable because I enjoy empowering others, and to date, Teachable has focused (pretty successfully!) on helping others share their expertise through online courses. I’m excited to see how the information-sharing industry continues to evolve and expand over the next few years beyond the online course. We’ll see what happens!

When you were 7 what was your dream job?

I wanted to be a ballerina. Spoiler alert: this did not pan out.

Teachable's Massive Course Creation Resource Bundle

This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

What’s Happening Next Month  

Holiday Doll Party (for charity!) 

As a company we love finding ways to give back, and since the holidays are coming up, we thought we’d do something to make the holiday season special for needy children. 

So through the MSTERIO organization, we’re hosting a lunchtime workshop where we’ll put together and decorate handcrafted dolls to send to kids around the world. Once we’re done, it’ll be fun to track the gifts and see where they end up. 

Company Christmas Party  

In early December we’re planning a night of drinks, food, and good times with coworkers and significant others to kick off the holidays. 

We’re Still Hiring! 

Teachable Career Opportunity Spotlight: QA Engineer 

We’re looking for a QA Engineer to join our growing Engineering team at Teachable. Here are some more details! 

Who we’re looking for: Someone who is passionate about UX, has experience with Selenium and other tools, and can work independently. At our-fast paced company, this role requires autonomy and the desire to provide a solid user experience across our platform. 

What you’ll be doing: Working closely with software engineers and the product team, you’ll own QA processes for new features. You’ll create comprehensive test plans to ensure our product is working smoothly and providing a seamless experience for our users. 

Who you’ll be working with: You’ll be working alongside Artashes Filoyan on the QA team, and interface across our product, data and engineering teams. 

All open positions  

Here’s what we’re still searching for: 

Growth & Marketing  

  • Affiliate Marketing Manager: Grow our affiliate program by building relationships with influencers and developing marketing materials. 
  • Content Marketing Manager: Manage content marketing campaigns, run online events, build content partnerships, and ultimately find ways to get our content in front of new eyes. 
  • Lead Content Marketer: Use technical content marketing strategies to optimize our blog, generate leads, analyze performance metrics, and ultimately help us grow our user base.   

Customer Operations  

  • Customer Educator: If you’re a Teachable user, you might already be an expert on the ins and outs of the platform. Put that knowledge to more good use by joining our Customer Care team to help other users solve their problems.  

Product Development  

  • Lead Product Designer: Take the reins on designing a beautiful, effective product that will be used by millions of people. Join our Product team and collaborate with other departments to take your designs from idea to execution. 
  • Technical Project Manager: Bring projects together by collaborating across teams (focusing on product and engineering) and improving internal processes.  


Don’t see a role that fits, but still interested in joining the Teachable team? Pitch us your own job idea in this general application--you might be a perfect fit for a position we haven’t even thought of yet! 

Learn more about each opening here on our careers page

Teachable's Massive Course Creation Resource Bundle

This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

We’re so excited to keep expanding the Teachable team in the coming months. Perks include working in a gorgeous office in Manhattan, working in an exciting and fast-paced environment with awesome people, competitive pay, health care benefits, and more.

See you next month!

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.