October 2017 Update: Prepping for Teachable Summit and Introducing Native SSL

Laurence Bradford

| Oct 31, 2017

Fall is finally here, and the crisp air has us feeling invigorated. We’ve been busy launching a bunch of cool product updates this month, and (as always) planning our next ones!   

Here are a few highlights from the month: 

1) Our video about working at Teachable is live!  

So we’re all basically movie stars now...right? We love working at Teachable and we were so excited to share what exactly that means to us. Check out the video below. (And thanks again to everyone who participated in the video!) 

2) We rolled out full, native SSL security for all Teachable schools. 

You no longer have to purchase SSL certificates through a third party--we’re providing it natively for free. More on this update below. 

3) You can now schedule drip content by date! 

We heard a few of our instructors asking for this feature, so we were happy to announce that your wishes are granted! Find more details below. 

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New Features and Updates   

SSL Security  

Google recently announced that they would start penalizing websites using an insecure (HTTP) connection instead of an encrypted (HTTPS) one -- also known as SSL

In light of their update, along with other reasons, we decided it would be the perfect time to introduce native SSL security across all Teachable sites. Now, you can run your Teachable school fully on HTTPS, without needing to purchase an SSL certificate from a third party.


On October 25, we automatically enabled SSL security on all schools. Some benefits to you include:  

  • A boost in your SEO ranking due to Google’s algorithms 
  • A more professional-looking site 
  • Increased student trust and confidence 
  • Fully secure information on all pages of your site (including your admin area)  

If for some reason you need to disable it, owners of schools created before October 25 can do so from their admin area in Settings > General > SSL Security (you can re-enable it here as well). We recommend not leaving SSL disabled for too long, as running your site on HTTP may cause your site visitors to see browser warnings that disrupt their experience. 

Find more thorough information about SSL (and possible complications & solutions for transitioning schools) here in the Knowledge Base

Teachable Experts Marketplace 

Whether you’ve run out of time to do all the busywork before a launch, need to polish up your content/design, or find yourself in need of marketing help to attract new students, sometimes you just can’t do it all on your own. That’s why this month, we introduced the Teachable Experts marketplace.


On Teachable Experts, you can find freelance assistants and experts familiar with the Teachable platform to help you out. They belong to four categories: General Tasks, Course Content, Web Design, and Sales & Marketing. They all set their own rates, and you’ll handle everything with them directly. 

Interested in getting involved yourself? Although we are not currently accepting new Teachable Experts, you can feel free to submit an application, and we’ll keep it on file in case we open up the program to more experts in the future. 

Drip Content By Date 

We’ve improved our drip content feature! Now, instead of being restricted to dripping content based on the number of days after each student enrolls, you can set content to release on specific dates. 


Some potential applications of this feature include:   

  • Pre-selling your course and having it automatically open on the launch date 
  • Having “cohorts” of students who move through the course at the same pace 
  • Setting up new content to release every month or week in an ongoing course  

We’re sure Teachable instructors will come up with their own creative implementations as well. Can’t wait to see how you use this feature! 

Primary Owner User Role 

For a while, we’ve had school owners asking for more types of user roles. The most common request was for a way to allow other administrators to have some control over the school, but not be able to change critical information or have the same power as the original school creator. 

Our new user role, the primary owner, addresses exactly that concern. Now, only the original school creator--or someone they designate--will have certain user permissions. 


Now, only primary owners will have the ability to:   

  • Delete the school 
  • Update payout methods (PayPal/custom gateway credentials) 
  • Add or delete other owners, or manually change their passwords 
  • Update billing and plan information 
  • Transfer primary ownership to someone else 
  • Fill out tax forms  

Other owners on a school, meanwhile, will have all administrative permissions except the ones listed above. 

There can only be one primary owner per school at a time, but they can transfer primary ownership to another user at any time. 

Read more about Teachable user roles and permissions here

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This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

Company Update  

Growing Our Team in Montana 

We’ve been expanding our team and added 7 new members in Montana. It’s exciting for us at the main New York office to watch our second location grow and thrive. 

Here’s some of our NY team out in Glacier National Park during their visit to Montana!

Puerto Rico Drive 

We wanted to do our part to help hurricane relief efforts in the devastated U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, so we ran a donation drive to collect emergency essentials for them. It was great to see how many people pitched in to contribute--we were able to fill an entire SUV with over $500 worth of donations. Below is a photo of two people on our team, Natalia and Casey, dropping items off at Engine 28 Firehouse!


Teachable Employee Spotlight 


Meet Zareef Ahmed

How long have you been working at Teachable?  

Eight awesome months. 

What do you do at Teachable?  

I’m the Customer Operations Process Strategist (i.e. COPS). I work on making sure the Customer Ops team runs as efficiently as possible (which also includes hiring, so if you want an awesome job, hit me up!). I also use my legal background to help make sure Teachable doesn’t get a call from the real cops. 

What’s the best thing about your experience working at Teachable?  

The best thing about working at Teachable has been getting to know my coworkers. For such a (relatively) small team, are a pretty diverse bunch and it’s been great learning about people’s passions outside of the office. 

What’s an interesting Teachable school that you’ve come across? 

When I was a kid I really wanted to take a cross-country trip in an RV, so rvsuccessschool.teachable.com really speaks to me. They have courses that teach you tips and tricks for making extended RV trips. 

What are you most excited about going forward?  

I’m pretty pumped to see our product continue to evolve. The team has more than doubled in size since I joined, and while we’ve always had some big ideas, we are finally getting to the point where we have the manpower to make those ideas happen. 

If you could live in any sitcom, which one would it be? 

Definitely Seinfeld. How could you not want a George Costanza and a Kramer in your life? 

What’s Happening Next Month  

7-day Teachable Summit  

Our week-long summit is always an exciting and busy time at Teachable. It will be running from November 13-21, 2017, and we’ll have 27 entrepreneurs participating.  

This year, summit experts will share valuable insights on topics like:  

  • Growing your email list 
  • Building a sales funnel 
  • Taking a course from outline to execution  
  • Crafting a high-converting webinar 
  • And much more  

You can reserve your spot at the summit for free by signing up here

W-8 and W-9 Collection 

We know--taxes aren’t anyone’s favorite thing. But we want to make it as easy as possible for our instructors to file. In order to do so, we need the proper forms submitted by every school: W-9 forms for U.S. based schools, and W-8 forms for non-U.S. schools. To make this process as simple as possible, we’re working on a new, painless process for our instructors to electronically submit these forms. Stay tuned! 

We’re Still Hiring! 

Teachable Career Opportunity Spotlight: Technical Project Manager 

Does being a Technical Project Manager at Teachable sound interesting to you? Here are some more details about this spotlighted role of the month: 

What you’ll be doing: Collaborating between the product and engineering teams to facilitate technical projects and drive solutions. You’ll help us work more efficiently, prioritize fixes, improve our internal project management processes, and interface with teams across Teachable to achieve objectives. 

Who you’ll be working with: You’ll be part of the product team with Laurence (me!), Sid (VP of Product), and Allan (Product Designer). You’ll also be working closely with the engineering team and our Product Solutions team on Customer Operations. 

Ways you can grow in the role: Over time, you’ll have the opportunity to define the boundaries of your role and make systemic improvements to our product development processes and roadmap. 

Teachable's Massive Course Creation Resource Bundle

This is the most complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course. Download this and get 167 files to help find your profitable idea, set your pricing, track engagement, and much more.

All Open Positions 

Here are the roles we’re still looking to fill: 

Growth & Marketing  

  • Affiliate Marketing Manager: Grow our affiliate program by building relationships with influencers and developing marketing materials. 
  • Content Marketer: Expand our audience by managing content creation projects and social media campaigns that excite and help people while bringing in new leads. 
  • Lead Growth Marketer: Assess how effective our content marketing funnel is, make improvements to drive growth, optimize our sites for SEO and lead generation.       

Customer Operations  

  • Customer Educator: If you’re a Teachable user, you might already be an expert on the ins and outs of the platform. Put that knowledge to more good use by joining our Customer Care team to help other users solve their problems.  


Product Development  

  • Lead Product Designer: Take the reins on designing a beautiful, effective product that will be used by millions of people. Join our Product team and collaborate with other departments to take your designs from idea to execution. 
  • Technical Project Manager: Bring projects together by collaborating across teams (focusing on product and engineering) and improving internal processes.  

Don’t see a role that fits, but still interested in joining the Teachable team? Pitch us your own job idea in this general application--you might be a perfect fit for a position we haven’t even thought of yet! 

Learn more about each opening here on our careers page

We’re so excited to keep expanding the Teachable team in the coming months. Perks include working in a gorgeous office in Manhattan, working in an exciting and fast-paced environment with awesome people, competitive pay, health care benefits, and more.   

See you next month!

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages learntocodewith.me, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.