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Ep. 19: Travel blogging (with Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad)

Gloria Atanmo Gloria Atanmo

Gloria Atanmo’s journey as a travel blogger started with a one-way ticket to Europe and only $500 to her name. But after a lot of hustle and PB&Js, Glo now earns her full time income sharing her journey as a solo female traveler.

After venturing to over 80 countries across six continents and working with brands along the way, she’s landed features in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Conde Nast, Essence, Buzzfeed, and more. She’s authored a book, spoken on many stages, led retreats around the world, and now focuses on helping female entrepreneurs make a bigger impact and income.

Glo has managed to create the life of her dreams through her relentless pursuit and a gradual growth to her business. But if you think this is a story where everything went right, think again. In this episode, Glo gets real about her life and story. Also, we talk about how so many people let the fear of ambition hold them back. Plus, in this unprecedented time in global history, I had to ask…is this really a good time to start a new blog?

Today’s guest: Gloria Atanmo, The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanmo Gloria Atanmo

“You want to sell them what you want, but then also give them what they need.”

Gloria Atanmo is an online educator and content creator in the travel space, starting her career as a blogger through witty, reflective, and informative storytelling. She is also an author, frequent speaker on numerous stages, and leader of retreats across the world. She now focuses on helping female entrepreneurs make a bigger impact.

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