Women-owned businesses are continually on the rise and have been for the past several decades. While it’s exciting and imperative to see the growth of women-owned businesses, there is still more ground to gain when it comes to equal representation on this front. A powerful and effective way of elevating women-owned businesses is through using the might of your voice. Your words, whether spoken or written, have the ability to make a significant impact and are not to be underestimated. Using your voice isn’t just about screaming from the rooftops about how amazing your business is. It’s really about connecting with others. Here are the best ways that you can use your voice to connect with and uplift others in business

Community is everything

Networking and connecting with others is frequently emphasized when it comes to expanding a business. And, there’s absolutely truth to this. Researchers at Microsoft have proved that there is indeed about six degrees of separation between everyone in the world. In other words, you’re only six introductions away from knowing Oprah.

As exciting as it is to think about the potential prospect of meeting your idol, the real point here is we’re all already so connected. (A fact that should be very reassuring for entrepreneurs.) And, this is something you can, and should, build upon.

But, it isn’t just about adding contacts to your virtual rolodex. Instead, it’s about actually connecting with people. It’s through these relationships that you can learn, grow, and support one another. Not only will this expand your network, but it will help build a community of creators and entrepreneurs.

Ask someone to a 20-minute virtual coffee. Reach out to some like-minded course creators to join a group chat in which you pose a weekly question or topic. Just be clear with your intentions of wanting to get to know and uplift others in business. Remember that curating something like this doesn’t have to be time consuming. Even a monthly virtual meetup has the potential to foster strong connection. If this seems out of your wheelhouse, you can also look for a mastermind or explore sites such as meetup.com to find pre-established groups to join. 

Mentor up

Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, seeking out a mentor is a solid way to uplevel your business. Business owners who were mentored by top performers were three times as likely to become top performers themselves. Building a relationship with the right mentor can put you on an accelerated path to success and growth, because you get insight and advice from someone who has already been in your spot.

Connecting with a mentor isn’t just about fostering your own success. It means that once you’ve scaled the wall (one of them, at least) that you can turn around to help lift up someone else, too. Even if you think you’re not in a position to mentor or give advice, remember that you only have a to be a few steps ahead of where someone else is in order to be of service to them.

Sure, maybe you haven’t reached seven or even six figures in your business (yet), but you’re a couple strides ahead of someone who might only be in the consideration stage of making a course. And you never know how instrumental you may be in inspiring someone else.

Speak up

The simplest and most straightforward way to use your voice to uplift others in business is to give it your vote of confidence. Share on social media, talk about in person, and make recommendations for products or services that you love. If your friend has a course that helped you learn how to better market your products on social media, then tell your network.

If you bought a beautiful piece of art for your studio from a Brooklyn-based female artist, post it on social media. A whopping 93% of consumers are influenced by customer reviews. Sharing your good experience creates a higher likelihood that others will see it and might be swayed into making a purchase. 

This is also something you can do for your own business: Highlight glowing reviews you receive by posting them, share them with your email list, or include client testimonials on your website. You can even do this with other entrepreneurs in your network. Share reviews for each other’s businesses to double your visibility. You already know to encourage your students to share their positive experiences with your course, so be sure to do the same when given the chance.

Remember: Your voice is a powerful tool to create awareness and build community. This ultimately can lead to increased sales for yourself. However, it can also help those in your sphere. The impact of using your voice to uplift others in business is important. But your voice as a tool is only heightened when you use it in conjunction with other voices as well. We encourage creators everywhere to share and support one another. You never know just how powerful your voice may be to uplift others in business—and beyond.