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Ep. 29: Vocal coaching (with Cheryl Porter of Cheryl Porter Vocal Method)

cheryl porter vocal coach cheryl porter vocal coach

Cheryl Porter from Cheryl Porter Vocal Method is a woman whose positive, infectious energy lights up any room, even virtually. With her motivational coaching videos, Cheryl is one of the top vocal coaches and education influencers in the world.

Alongside this, she teaches vocal masterclasses all over the globe and coached singers who have performed on The Voice, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, and more. She’s also a vocal coach for the Italian trio, IL VOLO.

In this episode, Cheryl shares the type of talent that matters most, and not just for singers. She talks about finding the same, dull vocal exercises 15 years ago and realizing that if there was no better way, she’d just have to make one herself.

She talks about how the word “method” was actually something that scared her at first. But by leaning in when she felt challenged, she’s been able to grow her business to students in 135 countries and counting.

Today’s guest: Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach

cheryl porter vocal coach cheryl porter vocal coach

“To be motivated is a huge talent because you can’t buy motivation. You can’t train motivation. If you’re motivated, that in itself is going to get you to wherever you need to go.”

Cheryl is the sole creator of the innovational CHERYL PORTER VOCAL METHOD and owns over 300 vocal exercises to specifically target and correct vocal flaws, increase vocal range and dramatically improve vocal skills for beginning and advanced singers. Additionally, she also teaches Vocal Masterclasses all over the world.

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