Teachable’s Online Coaching Challenge

Coaching Challenge Disclaimer (“Disclaimer”)

Thanks for being a part of the Teachable’s Online Coaching Challenge (“Challenge”)! It's great to have you onboard - not only for the challenge but on Teachable as well.

We're trying to keep this simple, but our lawyers told us we had to put some text together for you to read.

First, everything on our platform, including this Challenge, is governed by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These documents lay out the dos and don'ts on our platform and the different rights and responsibilities for everyone (including us). Please make sure to read them, and if you're not certain about things, please drop us a line.

Ok - on to the Coaching Challenge!

At the start we want to make something very clear - this challenge is not a contest. We are not awarding prizes of monetary value. Rather we're challenging you to be the best coach and creator that you can be on our platform! We want to see you succeed and this Challenge was created to help that mission.

Your participation in this Challenge also does not guarantee that you will succeed in generating more sales or making a sale, reaching a larger audience, or achieving any other measures of success for your business. All creators are at their own risk of succeeding or failing when using the Teachable Platform.

During the Challenge, we may feature different creators and coaches, and their works and content. These features are independent of the Challenge itself and are in no way evidence of 'winning' the Challenge (honestly, by taking part, we're all winners). We always look to feature our creators who use our Platform to reach people in unique, memorable, and effective ways. In reality, whenever you offer content on our Platform - regardless of whether you participate in the Challenge - we may invite you to feature your content on our Platform.

All that said, in order for us to display your content on our Platform (in potentially a number of places online), we need to get a release from you up front that allows us to publish your content on our website and other places, and that allows us to do this publishing without having to get permission from you each time we do so. Further, we need you to agree that you are not being compensated for our display of your content, either for the original production or each time we subsequently publish it.

In legal terms, this means that if we invite you to be featured on our Platform, and you choose to participate, you agree to provide Teachable with an unconditional, irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, worldwide license allowing Teachable to use your name, photograph, video, voice, business/trade names, course/lecture titles, and other likenesses, for publishing, blogging, promotional, advertising, trade, and other purposes without further compensation to you. The license contemplated herein does not include your course content (if you are a Teachable creator), of which you retain all rights and ownership in alignment with Teachable’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.