Track student comprehension and progress with course compliance

Enforce lecture completion, enable video compliance, and require quiz scores to validate student progress and meaningfully reward their accomplishments.

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Your goal is to help students achieve a specific outcome, like landing a dream job or learning to knit. But to do that, you need to know if our materials are effective in helping your students learn. You want proof, feedback and validation.

Your students are no different. Students take online courses to master new skills, but they need proof. Students want progress, completion, and certification.

You can achieve your goals and give your students what they need with course compliance.


What can you do with course compliance?

  • Enforce lecture order so students must complete your course material in a set order
  • Require students to finish watching your course videos before they can continue
  • Set a minimum passing score for all course quizzes
  • Set maximum number of quiz retake attempts
  • Get alerted when students max out on retake attempts
  • Reset quiz scores and course progress

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Track your students’ success

Graded quizzes help summarize key takeaways of each lecture section and allow you to check-in on your student’s progress.

Set a minimum passing score on graded quizzes to ensure your students have grasped earlier concepts before they move on.

Stay updated on how your students are learning.

How would this benefit your course?

Let’s break it down:

  • Add graded quizzes to your course to reinforce learning
  • Enforce course compliance features to ensure students complete your lectures and pass the quizzes
  • Issue a certificate upon completion
  • You have a successful student, successful course, which makes you a successful course creator.

What type of courses can you use this for?

Any! Course compliance can be enabled for all types of online courses. It is particularly helpful for corporate trainings and courses for credit.

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