Teachable Payments: How passion gets paid
Teachable offers the easiest, most secure way to get paid when you sell online courses and coaching services. Accept payments, manage your team's payouts, and stay compliant—all with Teachable Payments.
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A payment solution for all course creators

Tax support, payout management, and compliance that grows with your business as you scale.

US and European tax collection
No additional integrations. We automate the process to collect and remit US sales tax and EU VAT on your product sales, where applicable, so you don't have to deal with additional accounting work every quarter.
Automatic payouts for your team
Less paperwork means less administrative headaches. Enable BackOffice for an additional 2% transaction fee to automate author revenue share, affiliate commissions payout, and 1099 tax form filing.
Money moves
Earned by instructors
Businesses powered
Products launched
Your necessities, covered

The best way to sell your online courses and grow your business revenue

Ready for your first product sale
Teachable Payments comes with your account, so all you have to do is take two minutes to set it up.
Payments methods tailored to your audience
We accept all major payment methods, including debit card, credit card, Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and PayPal.
Simple and reliable checkout
Our team monitors for optimal checkout performance so they can address any technical issue immediately.
Fraud protection so you can focus
We’re here to help you handle chargebacks and prevent fraudulent purchases to protect the bottom line of your business.
Get earnings your way
With Teachable Payments, you have flexible payout options to get your earnings paid out daily, weekly, or monthly. The choice is yours.
Teachable Payments takes you the extra mile
“It was just a lot of stress at the end of every quarter, and then, it was costing us quite a bit to pay this accountant to do all the filing for us and everything. So anything that can automate stuff where I don’t have to do it is just heaven to me.”
Paige Brunton : SquareSecrets
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Power of Teachable
Transform your knowledge into impactful, engaging online products. Self-paced online courses. Memberships. One-on-one coaching. All inclusive programs. No limits on how many products you can create or students you can enroll. Combined with our unique payment solutions, you can create with the flexibility you want, sell with the tools you need, and scale with the support you have. Do it all on Teachable.
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