Free Plan Update

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Here at Teachable, we want to make sure that we're giving our members the experience and support they need to be successful on our platform. We're working on creating value for all Teachable members, while also considering how to make our paid school plans better than ever.

With this in mind, we'll be making a change to the Free plan that keeps all its features, while letting us as a company dedicate more resources to our Basic and Professional plan members. On August 22nd, schools on the Free plan will be limited to 10 student enrollments.

To provide some more details, we've prepared a couple FAQs below:

I'm on the free plan. Will I still have the same features?

Yes! None of the current features you have on the Free plan will be changing. You'll still be able to create, build and experiment with your courses. You'll still be able to create as many courses as you want to explore different ways to build your course. Here are a few resources to help you choose your course topic and validate your online courses while on our free plan!

What does enrollments mean?

Enrollments mean anyone who enrolls in your school or any of your courses. All of the following will count as an enrollment:

> Enrolled in a free course
> Purchased a paid course
> Enrolled in your school
> Manual enrollments by manual uploads

If a student is enrolled in your free course and also in your paid course, this student counts as one enrollment only. Enrollments are unique to the student-user. You can see all of the people enrolled in your school by going to Admin > Users > Students.

What happens when I hit the 10 student enrollment?

Any published courses will display a note that says "This course is not open for enrollment." Any enroll or sign up button on your school will no longer be displayed. When you hit the 10 student enrollment limit, you will receive an email notification.

You will still be able to access your admin, make changes to your course and build new ones! Any enrolled students will not be affected either and will retain access to the course they are enrolled in.

How will I know if I've hit the enrollment limit?

You'll get in-app notifications reminding you how many student enrollments you have left at any given time. When you hit the enrollment limit, you'll also get an email notification from us!

How can I enroll more students in my school after I've reached the limit?

You will need to upgrade to any of our paid plans, which all offer unlimited student enrollments. You can also un-enroll students in your school. Once the number of enrollments drops below 10, you'll be able to enroll new students and any published courses will automatically be opened for enrollment again.

Can I remove enrollments?

Yes, you can! You can manually remove enrollments by going to Admin > Users > Students. Check the students you want to unenroll and you'll find the option under "Bulk Actions".

What happens when I upgrade?

If you upgrade to any of our paid plans, you can sell your courses and enroll unlimited students. You'll also gain access to additional paid-only course creation tools, our in-house developed course creator training TeachableU, and premium Customer Care support.

What happens when I cancel my paid plan with 10+ students?

All of your enrolled students will retain access to the course they paid for. Any published courses will display a note that says "this course is not open for enrollment". In order to start selling your courses and increase enrollments in your courses again, you'll need to upgrade back to a paid plan.

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