Learn from the insiders—join us for an upcoming coaching session
Our in-house experts host interactive coaching sessions three times a week, open to anyone on a Pro or Business plan. Join us to learn more about the Teachable platform alongside fellow creators. Each session begins with a live demo and ends with time for questions.
Want to know what we’ll be learning about next?
Check out the group coaching calendar to see the features, strategies, and best practices our experts will be covering. Click on the days to see what topic we’ll be covering, RSVP for sessions, and copy the event to your own calendar.
Meet the Teachable experts
Our customer success team has helped countless creators build beautiful sites, develop engaging courses, and maximize earnings on Teachable. You’ll always have an expert to turn to for support—wherever your business takes you.
Soph Avalos
Soph is a Customer Success Manager who uses their deep knowledge of the platform to provide creators with tons of tips and tricks, helping them achieve their dreams on Teachable.
Monique Daniels
Monique is an Onboarding Specialist with experience in technical troubleshooting and expertise in some of the apps that will help make your school shine.
Jessica Massart
Jess is a Customer Success Manager who ensures our creators have the resources and trainings they need to thrive on Teachable.
Jessica Evans
Jessica is an Onboarding Specialist who has worked with hundreds of creators to launch their courses and troubleshoot ways to maximize the platform for their business needs.
Skylar Vukasin
Skylar is an Onboarding Specialist with considerable technical expertise who helps set creators up for successful and strong launches.
Who can attend group coaching?
Live group coaching sessions are open to all Teachable creators on a Pro plan or higher. You can view our plans and upgrade here.
How can group coaching be helpful to me?
Group coaching calls are the best way for you to get personalized support and advice. Simply put, they help you make the most of your Teachable membership.
Will there be a replay?
Yes, each session will be recorded. For that reason, we ask you to exclude sensitive information from questions during these sessions as replays will be sent out to all registered participants.
Where can I find the replay?
We’ll send out an email to all registrants after each session with a link to the replay.
What if my question wasn’t answered?
We’ll do our best to answer all questions at the end of each session, plus Friday sessions will be devoted to Q&A. If you still can’t get your question answered, check out Knowledge Base or reach out to our Customer Care team.
Am I able to attend another session?
Yes! You can RSVP for as many sessions as you like.
Which day is better to attend if I’ve just started out? Or if I’m looking for more advanced help?
We generally craft our sessions so that Mondays are best for anyone looking for tips on getting started. We cover more advanced topics on Wednesdays. Or, if you have a more unique question or are stuck with a feature, check out Friday’s Q&A.
To access the Terms & Conditions for Group Coaching, please click here.
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